Automatic Number Plate Recognition System

AI based powerful license plate detection, recognition and search software solution for ALPR/ANPR. It has industry-leading accuracy and works with various camera types for live streams as well as archived video.

A typical ANPR solution takes an image as input and returns the decoded license plate, timestamp and the confidence of the decoding algorithm. The image can be analyzed within 20 to 50 milliseconds to achieve real-time monitoring.

Key Features

Automatically match the watch list and have real-time alerts

Detect and recognize license plates on moving

Record logs all license plates for future forensic investigations

Can handle different styles of plates such as regular or stacked

The vehicle can be tracked on multiple cameras or multiple locations

License plate recognition accuracy up to 98% as per actual usage

Security professionals can identify “wanted” plates from a stored database

Vehicle monitoring is an important part of the integrated transportation system

Identify and capture license plates from still images, real-time and pre-recorded video

How its work

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High Accuracy

Deep learning and AI-based algorithms enable the license plate recognizer to detect and recognize license plates with up to 98% accuracy

Real Time

Although it is often encountered with high speeds, multiple vehicles, angles and lighting conditions, it can still be recognized and detected in real time and from stored videos

Why License Plate Recognizer?

Highly Accurate Number Plate Recognition

Real-time detection, recording and recognition of license plates, with an accuracy of 98%

Independent of Traffic Environment

Recognize license plates with despite the speed, insufficient light and different camera angles

Perfect for Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

For parking applications in airports, residential areas and security facilities

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