Trans v3 is a rugged and durable mobile data terminal specially built for the in-vehicle environment to meet the needs of operators managing fleets of taxis, bus, service trucks, courier vehicles, and ambulance etc…


Achieve Operational Efficiency and Profitability for Your Fleet. Manage and optimize your fleet resources with Trans v3
Trans v3 Mobile Data Terminal

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  • 7” High Brightness Touch Screen LED backlight TFT LCD
  • Built-in GPS module and GPRS modem
  • Support Four External Serial Ports (option to 6 Serial Ports)
  • External Ignition Input and Digital Input
  • Support External Analog Camera
  • Quick Access Function Buttons
  • Solid Aviation Connector for Robust Connection
  • Cost Effective
Highlights of Trans v3 Mobile Data Terminal
  • Rugged and Durable
  • High Brightness Touch Screen white LED backlight TFT Display
  • Driver-Friendly Interface with 5 function buttons
  • Louder Speaker for Text to Speech and Audio Media Playback
  • Built-in GPS/GPRS with internal antenna for real time GPS tracking and job dispatch
  • External ignition and digital inputs
  • Optional for External Analogue Video Camera to Take Photo or Record Video
  • Optional WiFi 802.11b/g module built-in
Applications of Trans v3 Mobile Data Terminal
  • Taxi/Bus/Truck Real Time GPS Tracking, Dispatch and Management System
  • GPS Navigation Program, also Record GPS history to SD card
  • Show and Browse Real Time Message from Backend Server
  • Record Video History to SD card from External Analog Camera
  • Four or even Six External RS232 Serial Ports for External Devices like taxi meter,
  • printer, credit card reader etc..
For more information on Trans v3 Mobile Data Terminal, please visit the product main page here – Trans V3 Mobile Data Terminal