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Biometrics ChipSilicon M2M Wirelessintegrated GPSintegrated Aerotag


BioEnable Technologies ( P ) Ltd. Specialized in the Design, Development and Manufacturing wide range of Wireless Data Terminals. For over 2 years BioEnable developed Wireless Data Terminals that are used successfully in various cross functional applications for Industrial, mobile, remote communications, automation and stands ahead of the competition in innovative race of integrating sophisticated technologies like GSM, GPRS, CDMA, GPS into Wireless.

Wireless Data Terminal (WDT) is another innovation from BioEnable Technologies. WDT is a sleek, aesthetically crafted Terminal with entrenched features like Built in Printer, Built in Modem (PSTN/ GSM ), Built in Smart card reader.


  • Fully User programmable, in high level 'C'

  • 20 Years calendar real time clock (Battery backed)

  • Upto 16 MB Data memory & 512 k program memory

  • User-friendly IDE for rapid development

  • "C" Libraries Available

  • High-Clarity LCD with backlight ( 4 Rows of 20 Characters )

  • Membrane or Elastomeric Keypad

  • 45, 32, 30, 20 or 15 keys, Standard or Custom Keypad layouts

  • Up to 115.2 k bps Communication

  • Very light weight, versatile & affordable.

  • Rugged Cycolac ® ABS case

  • Customized specification

  • One (1) Year Warranty

  • Ticket Issuing

  • Spot Billing / Meter Reading

  • Point of Sale Terminal

  • Stores Inventory

  • Order Processing

  • Field Data Collection

Wireless Data Terminal has immense scope of applications. WDT can be customized as per the necessities of the it 'on spot' or 'online' or 'off line' requisites. WDT comes with packaged services of mentioned applications on the right.

.....The Terminal can be user programmable using 'C' and PC.

The unit consists of wide range of optional Hardware components like, Custom Key Pad, Display (4x20), 256K Flash (optional 512K), 128K SRAM (optional 512KB or 1MB) Built in 1.7 Ahr NiMH battery, Intelligent & fast Battery Charger, high speed COM port and programming port, high speed Impact Printer (2.7 lines/sec),  V.22 BIS PSTN modem and Smart Card Reader/Writer.

Dimensions Box

Height : 305 mm
Width : 105 mm
Depth : 52 mm
Weight : 750 gm

Printer Box

24Col. Alphanumeric
high speed impact printer(2.7 lines/sec)
Paper width 57mm
Dia-70mm, Weight-60gms


Clock Speed : 18.5 Mhz
Serial Ports (RS 232) :
i) Standard one port (115K band)
ii) Programming port : available (806 K baud)
Telephone Line Port : RJ Connector with fixed 2900 bps
Real Time Clock : Available with battery backup

Environmental Box

Operating Temperature : 0 to50 C
Storage Temperature : -20 C to +70 C
Humidity : 5 - 95% (Non conducing)
EMI / EMC : Compliant
Modem Box

GSM Modem

Multi-Band GSM/GPRS, Dual Band EGSM900/800MHZ,
Quad Band GSM850/900/1800/1900MH2,
Compliant with ETSI GSM Phase2+Standerd,
Class4 ( 2 W @ 250 / 900 MHZ )
Class 1 (1 W @ 1800 / 1900 MHZ )

PSTN modem

Data modem formats: V.22 bis 2400 bps. V.22/Bell
212 A 120Dphs,
Security Modem formats,
Caller ID detection & decode,
AT Command Set,
HDLC formatting in H/W, Integrated DAA,
Parallel Handset detection.


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