Because of the revolution in biometric science, we are provided with efficient and reliable apparatus and wireless fingerprint attendance system, which is the best example of portable biometric recognition device. Wireless fingerprint attendance system is a device that has at least one fingerprint scanner and a computer server. In wireless fingerprint attendance system, the fingerprint scanner captures the picture of finger pattern from an individual and some related information and stores it as a template. One copy of template is stored in the computer server and the other copy in the scanner itself.

In wireless fingerprint attendance system, when a person puts his/ her finger into the scanner, the scanner reads the fingerprint and sends the information wirelessly to the computer server, where the assessment is done. After getting the information from the scanner, sever checks the match and directs the scanner on the basis of comparison results as whether user should be accepted or not. Thus, the entire process becomes automated and accurate because of wireless fingerprint attendance system.


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