Web Based Contract Labour Management Software

Contract labour management attendance is very time consuming task which engages man power also need massive paperwork.
The main objective of “Contract Labor Management System” is maintaining contractor and subcontractor details. BioEnable has understood the needs of such organizations and has launched its Contract Labor Management System.
The system helps in getting contract details and license details. This software is developed by combining comprehensive study, views from the experts of labor consultant fields and feed back of labour consultancies. It will manage your Organization more efficiently. All kinds of problems related to Labor and Contractor Management with their Attendance issue is solved excellently by the software.

Indwell established in the Year 1977, now it has leading construction since 1989 & and has successfully completed 4 Decades of powered excellence and major construction company the field of Erection, Testing & Commissioning of Turbo Generators In India it is situated at Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh. Indwell is a combination of professional managerial talents, ability to innovate, sound business principle and a special technical know how, integrity, honesty & hard work.


Indwell has many construction sites where earlier there was no restriction on number of Labors/Contractors/Sub Contractors who were entering to the plant permises.
Labors in any number could enter plant permises even if some of them were blacklisted or removed.There was no quota defined for the employed labours. Also there was no such system available to calculate in/out time for the labours so there was no record for particular data was maintained their of the labours like for how many hours they are working in the plant, which often lead to irreguralities in the time compensation to the employeed labours.
Moreover there was no available system to create detailed reports on labour activities inside the plant permises.Over all the main requirement was to restrict the labours/contractors/subcontractors are blacklisted/invalid at the front gate and allow only labours /contractors to entered in to the plant who are not in the status as above.


The main challenge faced by Indwell was that inside the plant there was no proper system to track the work allocation to contract labors and also attendance system was mainly based on Paper entries which was easy to manipulate.Also, there was no approval process to check and approve the attendance/Contracts/leaves/Bills etc.
To overcome these drawbacks in the existing system and to avoid paper based works they need a proper contract labor Management Software which can automate the enrollment of Labors/Contractors/Subcontractors and can generate various reports and bills for them. As internet was not available all the time at the sites so it was also difficult to connect directly to the headoffice servers.

 BioEnable Proposed Solution 


After extensive study and analysis, the IT/Technical Department of BioEnable came out with a solution that a web based Biometric Contractor labor Management system would be the best solution to the current problem faced by Indwell. The online contract labor Management software developed by BioEnable is based on Biometric Fingerprint Technology where all the labors will be registered with their fingerprint and other details which can be used for verification as well and only the authorized labors will enter the premise based on the quota defined amd approved by the companies high authorities through the system itself.
This will help them in a big way to manage the data of all the labors to avoid any fraud, get the proper manpower as required and manage them efficiently through the system and eliminate the improper billing by contractors completely as payment will be done against system generated bill based on the number of labors supplied by a particular contractors and system calculated man-hour work done by a particular labor.

As in the case of Indwell, we provide the solution as depicted below:
Stage 1 to Stage 5 were Head office activities while Stage 6 was Site activity.
STAGE 1: Contract obtained work order No. letter of indent registration of site
STAGE 2: Work category Amount allocated Man power -Sub contractor/ Departmental Time period
STAGE 3: Work category amount allotted Man power -Sub contractor/ Departmental OT per hours.
STAGE 4: Fixing of wage rates, pay fixation PF management,Enrollment of staff/workmen, Licenses, Approval of attendance, Termination, Transfers,Blacklisting/White listing,Contractor bill/ Labour Bill.
STAGE 5: Approving wage sheet, Approving pay sheet, Approving terminated staff /workmen pay, payslip generation, Bank wise payment.
STAGE 6: Gate pass generation, Gate pass approval, Enrollment of staff /Attendance approval. OT Approval, Termination, Black  listing/Whitelisting, Deductions, Requisitions, Rating of performance

Benefits of using Contract Labor Management software

1. No branch/ Site Management required all access is through internet
2. Branch data loss is less
3. Any updates on server is easy, all updates are done on server side only
4. Data Integrity : All data resides at server only so data will be more secured
5. Cost saving : As no high End/ Managed computers required at branches
6. Branch set is quick and easy


1. Labours Attendance


2. Monthly Attendance


3. Muster Report


4. Man Power Chart


5.  Payslip Report



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