Fingerprint Scanner for better Services

Use the fingerprint scanner for better services

How does the fingerprint scanner work?

A fingerprint scanner is being widely used in various places for various purposes. It is used in high security zones to allow the entry of only authorized persons. To enter, the person has to touch his hand on a fingerprint scanner and then the fingerprint is checked for authority to grant access. These fingerprint scanners are also used in offices to find out the number of employees present. The employees just touch the device and their fingerprints get scanned. The device then keeps the record of the finger print along with the name of the person. The device matches the data of the finger print of each person stored in it and matches it with the received fingerprint. If the fingerprint matches with the fingerprint data of a person, then attendance is given to the person, otherwise no attendance is given. Sometimes so happens that the fingerprint scanner do not scan the fingerprint properly due to some problem and do not give the attendance to the employees. So the employee has to try again properly so that the fingerprint is scanned properly. The number of times by which the fingerprints can be scanned depends on the capacity of the fingerprint scanner. The memory of the scanner should be such that it is able to keep record of fingerprints of more than twice the number of employees to give each employee at least two chance to give attendance in case of an error. The number of errors should be least in the case of use of fingerprint scanner for security purposes.

Fingerprint scanner


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