USB Fingkey Hamster II- Advanced high speed fingerprint Scanner











Fingkey Hamster II has a fingerprint sensing function and is a cutting-edge fingerprint sensor that prevents use of fake fingerprints. It can be connected to PC along with a normal mouse and used for all the areas involving passwords and will be a competent security gadget without having to use a password, which is often hard to remeber and misused by unauthorised persons.




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Interface Size – USB 2.0 (Full Speed/ High Speed Support)
Fingerprint Sensor – OPU01 (Optical)
Resolution – 500 [DPI]
Size – 61(W) x 80(L) x 47(H) (mm)
OS – Windows 98SE / 2000 / ME / XP / VISTA
Temperature – 20 ~ 60 [℃]
Voltage – DC 5 [V]
Certification –  MIC, CE, FCC, WHQL



  • It perfectly verifies the authorized user with its fake fingerprint identification function.
  • It makes accurate user identification with its excellent algorithm technology and accuracy.
  • It is well designed for convenient use.
  • It has high durability that ensures robustness.
  • It ensures speedy verification.
  • Dry fingers are also well sensed.
  • It can be used in various client/server and Internet environments as well as for computer security

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Personal computer / workstation security.
Network / enterprise security.
e-commerce / e-business.
Electronic transactions.
Banking and financial systems.
Medical information systems.
Any password-based application.


Fingkey Hamster II – Front view










Fingkey Hamster II – Top View

Fingkey Hamster II – Back  View

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