USB Fingerprint Mouse – High Performance USB Fingerprint Device


Fingerprint Mouse is the fingerprint recognition mouse equipped with a compact NITGEN optic fingerprint recognition module, which provides high performance. It is the product developed in a unity adding the function of fingerprint recognition to optic wheel mouse. It supports both USB and Parallel, deployed in every field like computer security, electronic settlement of accounts, E-commerce and etc. for exact authentication of individuals.

It  can be used for al l the areas involving passwords and is a competent security gadget without having to use a password, which is often hard to remember and misused by unauthorized persons.

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Interface Type – USB Parallel
External  Interface –   USB1.1     SPP, EPP
Fingerprint Recognition Sensor – OPP01     OPP02
Resolution (DPI) – 500 ± 10(DPI)     505 ± 10(DPI)
Mouse Spec – 2 buttons/1 wheel/optic type
Dimension (mm)  – 65.3(W)x131(L)X38.8(H)(mm)
OS – Windows95/98/NT4.0,2000,ME,XP
Operating Temperature (◦C)  –  0 ~ 40(◦C)
Supply Voltage (V) –  5(V)
Certification – MIC, CE, FCC, WH




  • It makes accurate user identification cation with its excellent algorithm technology and accuracy.
  • It is well designed for convenient use.
  • It has high durability that ensures robustness.
  • It ensures speedy verification
  • Dr y fingers are also well sensed.
  • It can be used in various client/server and Internet environments as well as for computer security.

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Security for computer and network e-commerce
Security for banking and financial institutes for user authentication
Medical information system
Other fields requir ing user authentication (SSO, CRM, Electronic payment )

Software Packages

User Management
Verification DB Management
Log Management
Screen Saver
System Restriction
File Encryption
DB Backup


Fingkey Mouse- Front View

Fingkey Mouse- Side View

Fingkey Mouse- Back View

Fingkey Mouse  Top View

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