Dual Iris Scanner – Worlds Best Dual Iris Capture device


STQC Certified Dual Iris Scanner with Sharpest  Iris Texture

This Dual Iris scanner has proven algorithm which gives world’s best accuracy and with automated iris acquisition for ease of use, simultaneously captures the best quality dual iris images in only seconds.

The Dual Iris Scanner ensures clear in-focus iris images with the sharpest iris texture, unlike most auto focusing iris cameras; accomplished via use of  patented algorithm for determining optimal iris focus. BioEnable SDK greatly simplifies the application program development in the host PC and is both, powerful and easy to use.

Key benefits – Dual Iris scanner / Capture device

  • Proven algorithm = World’s best accuracy
  • Compact with USB interface = Easy hardware integration
  • Powerful and easy to use SDK = Removes the drudgeries of application software development.
  • Security Infrastructure = PKI encryption system
  • Local De-duplication and Powerful Quality Measurement available

Features – Dual Iris scanner / Capture device

  • Automatic capture of binocular images
  • Safe infrared illumination at less than 2% of the LED Eye Safety Standard Regulation
  • Can produce ISO standard compliant images
  • Independent quality assessment of each eye
  • Do not need to install any drivers (use of UVC protocol)
  • Received certification from the Government of India’s STQC


Technical Specifications – Dual Iris scanner / Capture device


Capture Mode Auto-capture with built-in-quality check (incorporates NIST quality considerations)
Focal Distance 12-17 cm from the front of camera mirror to eyes.(Optimal distance = 14 cm, Focal Depth = 5cm )
Image Resolution Output is ISO standard 640*480 pixels per eye, 8 bit grayscale(ISO/IEC 19794-6) (Higher Resolution Output Available as Option)
Sensor Resolution VGA(1.3M and 2M options)(Pixels)
Dimension Camera Case: 117x56x39 mm (4.6×2.2×1.5inches)Camera Case with IP54: 122x60x40mm (4.8×2.4×1.6 inches)Alignment aid: 195x186x83mm (7.7×5.5×3.3 inches)
Power Single USB Powered (DC+5V+-5%)
Illumination Two infrared LEDs, One per eye, (Radiant intensity of 0.2 mW/sqcm. for each LED)
Environmental 0°C to +50°C Operating; 0% to 95% humidity, Non-condensing
Usage Indoor; Outdoor (avoid direct sunlight and bright reflections)
Resolution Spatial:≥ 60% @ 4.0 Lp/mm, Pixel: ≥ 16Pixels/mm
Connectivity USB2.0, USB-IF Certified
Security PKI(2048 bit) and AES(256 bit);X509 Certificate, PFX/PKSC#12 Certifcate
Certificates Eye safety(IEC 60825- 1), FCC class A, ROHS, IP54(option), USB-IF, WHQL, STQC
Case Attractively designed, light, easy to carry, small-footprint case
Also available: Specially designed rugged case to meet IP54 requirement (IEC60529)
Ancillary SW Demo Application Program; SDK, Sample codes in C/C++(native), Java, C#.Net and VB. NET Wrapper, VDM Compliance (UIDAI)
HOST OS MS Windows family 32bit/64bit; Linux 32bit/64bit (Please specify before ordering)


Downloads – Dual Iris scanner / Capture device

Dual iris scanner is also called Dual iris capture device, Biometric Iris scanner, Biometric dual iris scanner , two eye Iris scanner

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