AFIS Slap fingerprint scanner

UID Aadhaar Fingerprint Scanner – BioScan10 Aadhar Scanner

Suitable for UID Aadhaar project,  Bioscan10 Fingerprint Scanner is a compact 4-slap scanner in full compliance with the “10-print capture scanner & software user group requirements” suitable for all applications in need of 10 fingerprints flat and rolled acquisition. Main applications are visa issuing, e-id documents and criminal identification.


  • BioScan10 is a 3.2” x 3.0” live fingerprint scanner, in conformance with international standards, for acquiring 4-slap/2-thumbs fingerprints as well as rolled fingerprints. Its small footprint and low weight increase mobility thus rendering BioScan10 suitable for desktop applications as well as for integrated solutions.
  • An ergonomic design combined with an easy-to-integrate SDK architecture turning BioScan10 into the perfect choice for integrators and solution providers. BioScan10 integrates a 12 LED graphical user interface eliminating the necessity for skilled operators’ thus increasing workflow efficiency. No silicon pad or heated glass platen is used resulting in high reliability and low maintenance costs.
  • BioScan10 is suitable for all applications that require 4-slap fingerprint acquisition including rolled fingerprints according to FBI IAFIS-IQS quality. BioScan10 processes fingerprints faster, simpler and thanks to Green Bit unique software features which are more reliable as compared to the traditional ink method thus eliminating the need for skilled operators.
  • This revolutionary product represents a new age in digital fingerprinting. All civil and law enforcement applications requiring the acquisition of 10-prints will be fully satisfied by  performance and quality of Bioscan 10.

Disclaimer :-
BioScan10 is discontinued and is been replaced by DactyScan84c which is under STQC certification process.

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