Trackless Train India

Trackless Train electric vehicle developed in India

[quote]BioEnable has developed an Electric Vehicle based on its strong expertise in Electronics, Electrical & Mechanical engineering. A heavy duty electric vehicle using high capacity battery and controller can be used in shopping malls, resorts and parks as a Trackless Train.[/quote]

Introduction – Trackless Train India

Trackless train rides are heavy duty Electric Vehicle (EV) running on battery created for fun & amusement rides inside the large shopping malls. A small train with highly attractive engine made on classic steam locomotive design, pulling four well designed carts.

A Trackless train can seat over 8 adults and 12 children easily in 4 carts making it an entertaining family ride. A Trackless train run on an electric motor powered with very high capacity battery.

 The technology – Trackless train rides

Electric Vehicles like electric scooter and electric cars are being manufactured by few automobile companies worldwide. Most such vehicles have carrying capacity of just 1-4 people.

Developing a Electric Vehicle that can carry 8 adults and 12 children require a technology marvel and precise engineering.

BioEnable has worked for several years to develop this product based on cutting edge electric vehicle technologies.

BioEnable has provided this technology to Ample Stores who manufacture the trains and supply to various Malls & Resorts in India.



  • Party Train – Trackless trains are commonly rented for birthday parties, marriage parties for kids entertainment. Search for Party Train, Birthday party train for sale online and you can find many.
  • Kids Train – Kids visiting Resorts & Parks love to take a classic train ride. Search for Kids train rides, Kids train for rental in your local area and you can find many suppliers.
  • Choo choo train – Many people call trackless train as Choo choo train, popular in TV serials and kids books. Trackless train rides being back the memory of early years when trains were a technology marvel and royal way to travel.
  • Tourist train – Trackless trains can be used for tourist entertainment in shopping malls, resorts and tourist destinations.


Trackless Train in India

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