Ten print Slap scanner based Time Attendance & Access control system


BioEnable offer a unique Time Attendance cum Access control system based on Slap Fingerprint Scanner.

Slap Fingerprint Scanners are normally used for large scale government and criminal identification systems as they have high quality image capture mechanism that can scan four complete fingers at a time. At the time of registration of the fingerprints 4 + 4 + 2 = all 10 fingers are fully scanned and stored again the identity of the user. But at the time of verification any one or more of the fingers can be used for verification.


  • Single fingerprint scanners record very small area of the finger and in case the finger is not placed in the same way, it will lead to rejection later.
  • Finger skin issues like Dry/Wet fingers can make one or more of the fingers non-usable for good fingerprint registration and matching.
  • Some users may forget which finger they used at the time of registration
  • Some users may register with multiple identifies with different fingers , which may fool the system
  • Common attendance systems have high false rejection rate






Fingerprint Slap scanner or Ten print fingerprint scanner attendance cum access control system in available in wide range of models. Check above wall mount model and floor standing kiosk type model.


Biometrics recognition terminal with Slap fingerprint scanner & Dual eye Iris scanner

Compact Wall mount Fingerprint Slap scanner & Dual Iris recognition Time Attendance & Access control system (under development)

Benefits of Ten Print scanner based Access controller

  • Complete Finger area is captured at the time of registration which ensure that at the time of verification a perfect matching can be done
  • All the 10 fingers are registered and any one of the fingers or all can be used for verification later
  • Very low False rejection rate
  • For high security environments 4 fingers can be used for highly secure fingerprint matching
  • Dry finger, wet finger problems are significantly reduced


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