UIDAI Aadhar fingerprint scanner

Ten-print Live Fingerprint scanner

Ten-print Live Fingerprint scanner – BioScan 10

BioScan 10 is a ten-print live fingerprint scanner for scanning flat & rolled fingerprints. Also known as Slap fingerprint scanner or 4+4+2 Fingerprint scanner. It can be also used for baby footprint scanning and comes with an SDK that allow you to scan , segment, optimize captured images. FBI certified fingerprint scanner.

Dual fingerprint scanner & Rolled fingerprint scanner

BioEnable offer Dual fingerprint scanners capable of scanning 2 fingers at a time of full thumb print, allowing you to capture larger fingerprint data and achieve 5 times better performance then single fingerprint scanners. We offer dual fingerprint scanner for flat fingerprint capture. Our Rolled fingerprint scanner can do dual fingerprint scanning as well as rolled fingerprint scanning for the single finger.


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