Fingerprint time attendance system

Fingerprint time attendance system is the best you can get How to make use of fingerprint time attendance system? Fingerprint time attendance system is being used in many places around the world....

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Smart Card Manufacturers

There are many smart card manufacturers in the market who are also considered big player of the domain. Smart card manufacturers can work individually when there is a deal from...

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Access Control Lock

Smart Card Access Control

Smart card access control has become a big question for almost all enterprises. Nowadays many enterprises use logical smart card access control, or in other words two factor authentications. For...

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Mifare smart cards

Mifare smart cards are the read/write memory cards. Mifare smart cards are contactless and were first used in public transports. Although Mifare smart cards have a very small range, it...

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Smart card ID

Contactless Smart Card

A contactless smart card is same as the smart card integrated with a special circuit. Contactless smart card is used to store data and process the same with the terminal...

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