Attendance System

RFID based attendance system

We all know that we are living in a technology oriented world. Organizations today use hi-tech attendance systems to make their working easier. One of the mostly used technologies is...

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RFID in India

RFID in India is similar to smart card India. In case of RFID, the devices communicate via radio waves instead of smart cards getting swapped on the readers. RFID in...

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RFID tags

 RFID tags are the data stored in the microchips that are to be received and transmitted via radio waves by the use of a transceiver. RFID tags are the only...

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RFID readers

  RFID readers are devices used to interrogate RFID tags. RFID readers constitute of an antenna, a transceiver and a transponder. Transceivers in RFID readers receive data and subsequently transmit it....

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