Iris Recognition with Matlab india

Iris OCR

Iris OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a technology developed by Iris Recognition Integrated System (I.R.I.S) that is used to scan and recognize the text of a large document. Iris OCR...

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Iris Recognition Technology

Iris recognition technology is conceded as the most accurate and non-intrusive biometric identification technique used today. Iris recognition technology uses a camera to capture the iris image. Unlike retinal scan,...

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Image Recognition

Image recognition is a process in which a captured image, typically an image of a biometric attribute of an individual, is matched against the copy of the image that is...

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Iris scanner pen

Iris scanner pen is a device manufactured by I.R.I.S. and used to scan data from a copy or book to store it in the database. The stored data is then...

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Iris authentication

Iris authentication is one of the popular and best ways of biometric authentication when used in highly sensitive zones. Iris authentication technology is now widely accepted in many industries for...

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Iris Recognition PPT

Several iris recognition PPTs are available on the web that provide detailed information about iris recognition technology. PPT on iris recognition is free of cost and can be downloaded very...

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