foot print identification

Baby footprint scanners

A baby footprint scanner is a device that comprises of high-resolution sensor that scans the footprints of a new born baby. Although in some cases hospitals and other maternity institutes...

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Baby footprint with ink

Although taking baby footprint with ink using baby footprint kit is a cheaper and easier way of taking baby’s footprints, many maternity institutes and hospitals prefer using baby footprint scanning...

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New born footprint recognition

In many developing countries, where human security is commonly at stake because of kidnapping or other such criminal activities, many hospitals and maternity institutions prefer using new born footprint recognition...

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Fujitsu palm vein scanner

Like other electronic devices, Fujitsu palm vein scanner is also a good biometric authentication device manufactured by Fujitsu. The price of Fujitsu palm vein scanner ranges between $369.99 and $399.00...

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