Access Control Software

Access control device

An access control device is a hardware object that authenticates authorized users before they can gain access to the sensitive and protected information, resources and/or objects. Technically speaking, base of...

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Access Control software

User access control

From ancient time till date we all are very much serious about keeping our houses, properties or any confidential information as secured as possible. Today, hiring security guards is not...

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Access Control Lock

Smart Card Access Control

Smart card access control has become a big question for almost all enterprises. Nowadays many enterprises use logical smart card access control, or in other words two factor authentications. For...

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Smart card ID

Contactless Smart Card

A contactless smart card is same as the smart card integrated with a special circuit. Contactless smart card is used to store data and process the same with the terminal...

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Access Control OSI Model

Medium access control

Medium access control is a data communication protocol in seven layers OSI model. Medium access control is a sub layer situated in data link layer of the OSI reference model....

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