Swipe Card

Swipe card Attendance system

The swipe card attendance system keeps the attendance records up to date with time management of each staff member. Swipe card attendance system records an employee’s all sequence of time such as at what time he/she arrived at work, the duration of lunch or tea breaks, at what time the employee left the office, etc. to provide a precise depiction of working pattern. Because of swipe card attendance system, managers and HR personals can now utilize their time concentrating on more important business related issues instead of monitoring and managing attendance records.
Swipe card attendance system also saves time by eliminating the requirement of timesheet and paper work as it keeps basic records of employees such as hourly wages, hour labored/worked, overtime done etc. Swipe card attendance system not only increases productivity, but it also provides other benefits like clock issues, security concerns, etc.

Swipe card attendance system

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