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:: FDA01M ::

The FDA01M (Stand-alone with built-in CPU) is independent fingerprint recognition module composed of an optical sensor and a processing board. It offers high recognition ratio, fast recognition speed by built-in CPU and remarkable algorithm.

It is easily deployed in various application products owing to simple and robust hardware design.
CPU and memory are embedded in a processing board so that user’s registration and authentication process occur by itself without interfacing with PC.

  • Built-in fingerprint authentication

  • 8,000 log entries storage and search

  • System setup options (Security level, sensor, communication speed, etc.).

  • 1:1 matching, 1:N matching



  • Access controller

  • Door lock

  • Safes

  • ATM, POS

  • Personal computer/workstation security

  • Network/enterprise security

  • Internet content security

  • E-commerce

  • B2B transactions

  • Electronic transactions

  • Bank and financial systems

  • Medical information systems

  • Any password-based application

 :: Fingerprint Recognition Sensor ::


  • High-performance, maintenance-free optical fingerprint sensor

  • Resistance to scratches, impact, vibration and electrostatic shock

  • Fast and accurate verification

  • Latent print image removal (does not accept prints left behind)

  • Encryption of fingerprint templates (cannot be used to reconstruct fingerprint images)

  • One year warranty


Features Details
CPU Board spec. 32 bit RISC CPU, 1M RAM, 1M Flash
No. of users 640/1920/4,000 persons
(Depends on the flash memory installed)
Size 43 x 93 (mm)
Communication RS232
Input/Output port Input x 2, Output x 2 (Wiegand output multiplexed)
Fingerprint Sensor Optical sensor (OPP01)
Verification Time < 1 second
Error rate FRR: 1/1000, FAR: 1/100000
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 40 ( °C)
Current consumption Normal : 260 mA    |     Max : 320 mA
Voltage 5 ± 0.2 (V)

Developer's Kit :

FDA01M Developer's kit consists of FDA01M, Manuals, CD for technical document, demo controller, all of which are required to develop applications.

FDA01M: Sensor and processing board
Demo Controller: Controller with keypad and LCD unit.
AC DC 5V adaptor
Main controller technical document: Circuit diagram and source code.

Sample Program and users guide (Windows 95/98) - Sample matching program
:: Sample editor program
:: Sample screensaver program

Runtime DLL's (Windows 95/98/NT) - Device control module
:: Image capturing module
:: Minutiae extraction module

Source code - Fingerprint capture program
:: Matching test program

Developer's Manual - Protocol definition
:: Others

Frequently asked questions

Q. Does it supports 1:N matching (is that what is mean by group matching ?) If yes, what is the time requirement for verification and  what is the value of 'N'.(is it <1 sec ?)

None of the Standalone modules have specialized 1:N matching algorithms. They have 1:1 algorithms which can be used for 1:N matching for smaller number of users. e.g. most standalone modules will offer 1:N matching speeds of approx. 10 fingerprint per seconds.

Q. What is the flash requirement for 720/2000/4000 users ? what is the standard configuration and capacity ? what is the ordering information for this?

We are at present normally keeping modules supporting 2000 users though others are also available. in case required. Modules ahve inbuilt flash and ram as per requirements, you are not required to provide any external flash unless you want to store data for your own needs. For ordering just specify the no. of users you want in module.

Q. What is the cost of development kit ?

We are at present not promoting any development kit for the modules, Though development kits are available but they are costly USD500 to 1000. Instead we are providing datasheets along with the modules which are sufficient to do development for experts in embedded electronics. Else you can ask for supporting packages from us which include 5 Hrs training and further development support for Rs.8,000/-

Q. Did you give any training on your products?

Yes, available in support package.

Q. What is the template size resolution ?

approx. 400 bytes different in different modules. Resolution is approx. 500 DPI

Q. Storage function for authentication log (8000 logs), Is this onboard and what is the provision for extra log?

You can store extra logs on memory provided in your own embedded board

Q. Does you are having any standard enclosures for FDA01M for an access control product?



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