Smart Bins for Smart City


Pune Municipal Corporation is administrating the city and serving the citizens by using new technologies. PMC has taken an initiative by implementing the new idea of automation and monitoring of waste management operations. As waste management operations all over the world attempt to become more cleaner and greener. PMC is using the new technologies like GPS Tracking System, Ultra High Frequency Radio Frequency Identification, IOT Sensors along with mobile and web application to improve and smoothen ground level mechanisms for waste collection and efficient processing and re-cycling of waste.

The main purpose of PMC for adopting these technologies is for processing the waste in addition to the system for waste collection and decentralization of its processing by setting up small capacity plants across the city.


Smart City mission is a new initiative taken by Pune Municipal Corporation. The objective is to promote cities that give a decent quality of life to its citizen, a clean and sustainable environment. These technologies can provide visibility on solid waste management, route planning for garbage collection, resource optimization, efficient asset management, efficient maintenance, visibility of waste bins etc. Automated waste collection system provides long term solution and can take care the conventional methods like door-to-door, crub-side, community bins collections and transportation via sloping channel system.


Scope of Work

Sensor Based Waste Collection Bins is used to identify status of waste bins if it is empty or filled so as to customize the waste collection schedule accordingly and also save the cost. Real time waste mangement system by using smart dustbins to check the fill level of dustbins whether the dustbins are full or not, through this system the information of all smart dustbins can be accessed from anywhere and anytime by the concern person. It will inform the status of each and every dustbin in real time so that concerned authority can send the garbage collection vehicle only when the dustbin is full. By implementing this system resource optimization, cost reduction, effective usage of smart dustbins can be done.


Multipurpose Smart Street Bin describes the scope of work of “Smart Bins” in managing the waste collection system for an entire city. The network of sensors enabled smart bins connected through the cellular network generates a large amount of data, which is further analyzed and visualized at real time to gain insights about the status of waste around the city. The scope for the future work of this system can be implement on various places like Bus stop, Railway stations etc. As shown in below figure it will display the Backside street information sticker, there will be a facilties like Wi-Fi Hotspot, CCTV, LED Signboard and the BioEnable Smartbin sensor inside the dustbin. Below are the listed features applicable for the Multipurpose Smart Street Bin:

  • Smart Bins with sensors
  • LED Display System for public information
  • Street Information Boards
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • CCTV Camera


Benefits of using Smart Bins

To manage waste collection through Sensor Based Smart Dustbins

  • It will stop overflowing of dustbins along roadsides and localities as smartbins are managed at real time.
  • The filling and cleaning time of smart bin will also be reduced thus making empty and clean dustbins available to common people.
  • It also aims at creating a clean as well as green environment.
  • By using the route algorithm it will smartly find the shortest route thus it will reduce the number of vehicles used for garbage collection.
  • Send optimized routes directly to drivers.
  • It will reduce fuel Consumption.
  • Less amount of fuel consumed by vehicles thus can save a large amount of money as well.


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