RFID tags

 RFID tags are the data stored in the microchips that are to be received and transmitted via radio waves by the use of a transceiver. RFID tags are the only identifications which the transponders hold.

RFID tags are used in many industries. An RFID tag attached to an automobile during production can be used to track its progress through the production line. Medicines and large production packaged products can be tracked through warehouses using RFID tags. Livestock and pets may have RFID tags injected, allowing positive identification of the animals.

A RFID system uses RFID tags, or labels attached to the objects to be identified. The two-way radio transmitter- transponder called the RFID reader sends a signal to the tag and read its response. The readers generally transmit their observations to a computer system running RFID software. RFID tag’s information is stored electronically in the secondary memory.

RFID tags

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