Planet Biometrics : Low cost, home grown Iris recognition for India



















BioEnable, a supplier of biometric products in India, has launched what it claims is the first iris recognition scanner developed and manufactured in India.

BioEnable Iris one is a computer-based USB plug and play device and captures high resolution iris images as per international standards, the company said.

The product is a single eye iris scanner and has been designed to look similar to with a barcode scanner used commonly in retail stores.
Previously BioEnable has launched BioScan 10, a Slap Fingerprint scanner certified by STQC India for the UID Aadhaar project. BioScan 10 was the first Slap fingerprint scanner from an Indian company and was developed in collaboration with an European OEM manufacturer.

The UID Aadhaar project has made both fingerprint and iris scanning mandatory for all enrolments. The company says there are about five different Iris scanners available from international companies in India but that they are costly and have significantly increased cost of the Aadhaar project.
“We will soon send our scanner for certification for use in various government projects,” said Pradeep Bhatia, Managing Director of BioEnable.

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