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STQC Certified Fingerprint reader

PIV Fingerprint Scanner




BioEnable offer PIV compliant Fingerprint scanners for Government projects. enBioScan-C1 is PIV complain, FBI certified, STQC certified for UID aadhaar project and suitable for several National ID, Civil ID and Government ID projects worldwide.



PIV compliant Fingerprint scanner

enBioScan- C1 is <a title="PIV Fingerprint Scanner" href="http://www check this.bioenabletech.com/fingerprint-scanner-fbi-piv-fap10″>PIV compliant fingerprint scanner available form BioEnable. It has unique design and features

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  • FBI certified Fingerprint Scanner
  • STQC certified Fingerprint Scanner
  • MINEX compliant Fingerprint scanning software
  • FCC centification for Fingerprint Reader
  • CE certification for Fingerprint Reader



PIV compliant fingerprint scanner