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eNDess Professional

eNDeSS professional is a PC Security software solution based on fingerprint technology which provides various of security features that perfectly meet to CC (Common Criteria)


Optimization of fingerprint images for speedy verification

  • Easy and convenient user environment
  • Security levels (3 levels) can be set.
  • USB interface
  • BioAPI BSPs by other companies are also compatible.
  • CC certification


  • Image Quality check
  • Latent fingerprint check
  • Latent fingerprint check
  • Schedule Control
  • Open real time authentication system information
  • Failure detection



  • OS - Windows 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP / 2003

CC Satisfaction Conditions:

  • Encryption: AES Encryption algorithm in use

  • Integrity: SHA-2 Hash algorithm in use

  • Audit function: Improved log data function

  • Liveness : Fake fingerprint distinguisher

  • Algorithm function: FAR / FRR

  • Authentication attempts: No more attempt allowed for an allotted time after failing 3 times

  • Others

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