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In any corporate office, where there are several employees and supervisors working together, it is quite obvious that because of manual calculations and management, there might be a lot of confusion and human errors. Such errors might directly or indirectly result in some percentage of financial losses, which when overall counted, might sum up to quite high monetary value.

BioEnable, an efficient and sophisticated security solution, allows security administrators to easily manage attendance systems, calculate wages and payrolls according to the overtimes, calculate salaries accurately, expedite accurate records maintenance, etc.

Challenges at work place

Some of the most commonly faced issues while working with manual records maintenance and attendance systems in corporate sectors include:

    • Overall calculation of employees’ facilities with appropriate adjustments in their payrolls.
    • Complex security needs.
    • Management of office guests and visitors.
    • Management of additional facilities such as availability of canteens and vehicle parking lots.
    • Unnecessary interaction between the supervisors and employees.
    • Challenging administrative needs.
    • Management of the notifications sent to the employees.
    • Increment or decrement in employees’ payrolls according to their performances.
    • Calculation and appropriate management of overtime costs.

Security Solution

Keeping above discussed challenges in mind, BioEnable provides various security and management solutions to the organizations, which also include:

    • Automated calculation of employees’ performance with the help of interactive systems.
    • Fully configurable and customizable automated attendance control system for easier and accurate attendance management.
    • Precise visitor management control.
    • Sophisticated vehicle, parking, and canteen management system.


Apart from the above solutions, BioEnable also helps its clients in various different ways. Some beneficial features provided by BioEnable to the clients are:

    • Increased brand visibility with the help of latest technologies.
    • Best security implementation.
    • Improved visitor management.
    • Improved employees’ performance and work monitoring.
    • Granular control over additional facilities such as vehicle management system, canteens, parking lots, etc.
    • Complete control and increased report and task management of daily operations.
    • Healthy interaction between supervisors and employees.
    • Decreased maintenance cost.

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