Muthoot fincorp Limited’s Time attendance project for employees.


Muthoot Fincorp Limited is a finance company catering to the financial needs of retail and institutional customers. It is registered with the Reserve Bank of India as a systemically important non-deposit taking non-banking finance company (NBFC).

Muthoot Fincorp Limited focuses on providing a host of financial services through a wide network of over 1574 branches pan India. It has a diverse mix of retail offerings in the areas of Consumer loan products and investment advisory services. These include Gold loans, Home loans, Auto loans, Loans against Property, Investment products and Advisory Services.


The client required a sturdy and better quality biometric as well as card based time attendance cum access control system for monitoring the attendance of around 700 of their employees along with granting access to authorized ones for their branch offices all over Kerala along with their corporate office in Cochin (Kerala).

Challenges Faced

The Attendance System at the Plant was mainly dependent on manual attendance entries on the papers. The Labours use to come daily for the work any time during the day and mark their attendance for the whole day. Also many labours put proxy attendance of their co-labours and work on their behalf. With any new Biometric Attendance System there were chances that their habit of coming/going any time, absenteeism from work will be tracked correctly and based on the Attendance System reports the plant authorities can take actions against them. So, They were rigid for such systems in place and even went on Strikes to oppose the system. They were also planning to prove the system faulty by incorrectly place their fingers on the biometric device while marking attendance, they rub their fingers with dirt so that device cannot take their fingerprint and hence can claim that the new attendance system is defected.

Proposed Solution

Proposed Hardware Solution:-

After learning from the requirement of the client, we offered them a hardware with higher specification, better performance and faster authentication speed, NAC 2500M Plus (Fingerprint + Mifare Card Reader + Password), that offers Entry management, Employee’s Time Attendance in a very simple and efficient way and it is a cost effective user management system one can count on along with ‘EM Plate Lock’ with all accessories.
Along with the hardware, we offered them Server Management Program which is capable of user management and monitoring and with the help of which one can connect up to 255 terminals in a network, and verification is possible at the server, using its own DB.


1.1 Hardware of NAC2500 PLUS

1.1 Hardware of NAC2500 PLUS



1.2 System architecture


Proposed Software Solution:-

In addition, the solution comes with remote control features, so that one can register and monitor users even in places other than the room where the server is installed. Also, for managing various company policies, time, attendance & leave management, generating various reports for company purpose and carrying out administrative tasks offered them Time Track Advanced Report Generation Software. Till date they have procured 20 units of ‘NAC 2500M Plus’ along with ‘EM Plate Lock’ with all accessories for their branch offices all over Kerala through our local channel partner, Innmax Technologies and are satisfied with the performance of the devices as well as software offered to them.



1.3 Screen-shot of system setting


Screen-shot of software dashboard

1.4 Screen-shot of software dashboard



  • Proposed solution helps to reduce complex manual work and register entry which ultimately saves the time and additional staff to maintain the manual work.
  • Proposed solution helps to keep watch on offices to avoid proxy signing.
  • To avoid duplicate data entry of labours as well improve visibility to track and manage employees attendance and absenteeism  across multiple campuses.
  • To keep leave management of employees.
  • Auto-generate various types of reports of employees attendance.
  • Allowed users can only access the software so security and confidentiality increased.


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