Ministry of Bahrain Project For Time Attendance System with Arabic Software, Bahrain.


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Ministry of Bahrain was needed a time attendance solution for government offices. The solution was made up of combination of hardware devices with web application software in arabic language. They wished to implement the solution which could maintain all department wise employees master data. It could also maintain data of in/out punch, rational shifts information, leave management, salary management. The software could generate different reports like attendance report, leave report, salary report. The authorized person should have access all employees data to view and manage attendance of all employees.



Challenges Faced

To avoid the proxies and manual attendance system they required a standalone device which can capture attendance of all employees location wise and department wise and can send the data in real time via GPRS / Wi-fi network. They also required the web-based software in arabic language which will provide them daily/weekly/monthly attendance reports to the their management. This attendance system also further includes other modules like employees management, reports management, leave management, salary management.



Proposed Solution

Proposed Hardware Solution

According to challenges and requirements, BioEnable Technologies, together with a MANTECH, Bahrain based partner firm proposed a fixed biometric terminal , with web-based attendance software. Most of the things could be easily provided with our existing time attendance hardware NAC5000 fingerprint device. The NAC5000 device is movable and is having 5.7 inch LCD touch-screen. The device sends the data through OTA and it also works in Offline mode. The employees could give attendance on the fixed device. The log data is downloadable via USB interface. The device is able to do live fingerprint detection so that device detects fake fingerprint made up of paper, film, silicon, rubber.


   1.1 NAC-5000 Fingerprint Device


                          1.2 NAC-5000 Fingerprint Device with features

Proposed Software Solution

The admin person can access all employees data from any time and any where due to  web based  time attendance system. The web  based smart-suite provided you must requires active internet connection and it should be password protected through the management. Our software smart-suite was in their local language (arabic) so local persons could also handle and understand smart-suite.

Our Smart-Suite Attendance System is a comprehensive software with the advanced features like Organization charts, Leave management, Attendance management, Detailed employees records Management, Shift scheduling of all locations along with extensive standard reports and charts which eliminates complexity of manual attendance system.

Smart-Suite Attendance Application was an in-house developed platform. Therefore we could do any type of feasible customization and add other modules and applications on one platform.


                                    1.3 Screen-shot of  main Dashboard


                                           1.4 Screen-shot of Supervisor Dashboard


                                               1.5 Screen-shot of company information entry blog


                                    1.6 Screen-shot of Attendance Module


                                       1.7 Screen-shot of Leave Module


                                 1.8 Screen-shot of advance search


                            1.9 Screen-shot of calender tab


                                        2.0 Screen-shot of master data report



System Architecture

System architecture is having four basic parts. Those are access server, access manager, remote monitor, DBMS synthroid tablets 200 mg. At access server user authentication can be done. Network communication is done through access server. User registrations using fingerprint scanner can be done by access manager. Access manager controls the remote terminal and users. For terminal monitoring and for expansion of remote terminal it requires remote monitor. A database management system (DBMS) is a computer software application that interacts with the user, other applications, and the database itself to capture and analyse data. Usually we uses MS SQL 2000 HIGHER version / MS SQL EXPRESS 2005 Higher version for our smart-suite.


2.1 System Architecture




  • Proposed solution helps to reduce complex manual work and register entries which ultimately saves the time and additional employees to maintain the manual work.
  • Local person who don’t know the english also can handle smart-suite due to uses of arabic language.
  • Proposed solution helps to keep watch on all location of offices to avoid proxy signings.
  • To avoid duplicate data entries of employees as well improve visibility to track and manage all employees attendance and absenteeism across multiple campuses.
  • To keep leave management of employees.
  • Assigning the work and managing allocations and keeping track of attendance of  all employees.
  • Auto-generate various types of reports of departments or all employees attendance.
  • Allowed users can only access the software so security and confidentiality increased.


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