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Applications  of  M2M  

Trans v1

Handheld Terminal Trans v1 is a unique device launched by BioEnable that will revolutionize the way you do business.

Handheld Terminal Trans v1 is a powerful mobile payment terminal provided with secure ARM9 CPU, 24M large memory, compact design, and supports GPRS, CDMA or Wi-Fi wireless communication methods and multi-application.


gprs server

GPRS Device Server is latest innovation from BioEnable that allow you to web enable your embedded and wireless products and manage them remotely from our website.

GPRS Device Server is powered by 200MHz CPU and powerful software that allow it to connect to device like controllers, Readers, Receivers, Gateways, Data collection equipment, I/O systems, Peripherals and intelligently allow them to be managed remotely from our website.



Enterprise Infrastructure Management

* Ability of the M2M solution to interoperate with existing management systems as well as the entire M2M value chain.

Data Center

* Increase data center reliability by connecting all the IT and building automation system assets. Integrate them into a single universal data log. Leverage data log to evaluate trouble conditions that are interrelated between disparate subsystems.

* Assure COBIT/ITIL compliance by tying data center operational process with the specific IT and non IT devices that are manage by the process. Validate that employees are meeting service level agreements by responding in a timely and effective manner.

Oil & gas

* A manufacturer of instrumentation for producing well sites may use M2M to enable its customers to remotely collect data on flow rates, pressures, temperatures, tank levels and equipment status as an alternative to manual, on-site data collection.
* A manufacturer of injection pumps for producing wells may use M2M to give its customers a means to adjust the pump operation remotely in response to well and weather conditions as an alternative to on-site adjustment.


* A manufacturer of machinery for preparing shipping packages may use M2M to remotely monitor its equipment to detect failures, to schedule optimal preventive maintenance, and to track consumption of packaging chemicals as an alternative to manual inspection by its field service technicians or the customer's equipment operators.

Facility Management

* A building operator can use M2M to monitor equipment operation, energy use and maintenance. This data can then be used to optimize operations and reduce energy costs.

* Wirelessly monitor the status of portable fire extinguishers throughout a campus. Eliminate the need for manually verify pressure gauge, while also being alerted if the extinguisher is discharged


* A system integrator may use M2M as part of a system to retrofit roadside signs with a means to remotely add federally mandated emergency alerts and Amber Alerts to multiple signs at the same time as an alternative to manually programming signs on-site.

* A classic example of this is the OnStar system provided by General Motors. A onboard sensor will notify OnStar when there is a problem with the vehicle - e.g an accident, a system failure. These systems are becoming common in most high end cars.

* Supply chain - On board sensors in the cold chain (supply chain for frozen foods) can monitor the temperature of produce/frozen goods as it is being transported. The onboard M2M sensors send in the temperature data and notify the user when they go out of bound.


* A system integrator may use M2M to collect data from remote diagnostic equipment in a patient's home (i.e., blood pressure, weight, glucose level) or using a mobile device as an alternative to the patient visiting a medical facility or a medical paraprofessional visiting the patient in his home.


* A manufacture of security systems may use a network of interconnected sensors to generate alarms to notify proper authority of system breach. Such verifiable systems may help insurers to provide competative policies.

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