FingKey Hamster DX II is a unique live fingerprint scanner that includes feature of Live Finger Detection (LFD) along with USB 2.0 Interface .This live fingerprint scanner allows to verify authorized fingerprint using fake finger identification technology.

Fingkey Hamster HFDU14  has an advanced Live Finger Detection (LFD) function with a cutting-edge fingerprint sensor that prevents use of fake fingers.

Fingkey Hamster is largest selling USB Fingerprint scanner in India  since last 10 years. It has been used in over 500 Government & Civil ID Projects. Its known for its scratch proof surface, crystal clear fingerprint images and expected lifespan of 5 to 10 years. 

[toggle_box title=”Fingerprint Scanner Series from BioEnable” width=”100%”]Fingkey Hamster DX II is part of popular range of Fingerprint Readers / Fingerprint Scanners from BioEnable. Other versions like Fingkey hamster III are available with new innovations in design, Dry finger detection & Liver finger detection.


Why buy fingerprint readers / scanners from BioEnable ?

  • Best value for money fingerprint scanners in India
  • Rugged & Durable scanners with 2 yrs warranty & 5-10yrs of expected lifespan
  • Dedicated Products, Software & Development support team on Phone, Chat & email.


Features – Live Fingerprint scanner

  • It perfectly verifies the authorized user with its fake fingerprint identification function.
  • It makes accurate user identification with its excellent algorithm technology and accuracy.
  • It is well designed for convenient use.
  • It has high durability that ensures robustness.
  • It ensures speedy verification.
  • Dry fingers are also well sensed.
  • It can be used in various client/server and Internet environments as well as for computer security.

Applications – Live Fingerprint Scanner 

  • Personal computer / workstation security.
  • Network / enterprise security.
  • e-commerce / e-business.
  • Electronic transactions.
  • Banking and financial systems.
  • Medical information systems.
  • Any password-based application.

Software Functions – Live Fingerprint Scanner

  • User Management
  • Verification DB Management
  • Log Management
  • Screen Saver
  • Log-on
  • System Restriction
  • File Encryption
  • DB Backup

Related Software – Live  Fingerprint Scanner / USB Fingerprint Reader

  • eNDeSS Professional – It offer Fingerprint logon security for Windows Desktops & laptops with features like Multiple fingerprint user Management, Fingerprint Screen Saver Logon, Fingerprint System Security, Fingerprint File Encryption
  • BioEnable Software Development Kit – A Free Fingerprint Software Development Kit (SDK) for Developers for Microsoft .NET
  • eNBSP Software Development Kit – A comprehensive software development for Windows & Linux with support for wide range of programming languages
  • eNFAS
  • eNDeSS Enterprise – Similar to eNDeSS professional but with extensive features for corporate like Active Directory/LDAP Integration, Centralized registration and management of Fingerprint users.


Related Products – Live Fingerprint Scanners

  • Fingkey Hamster DX – a Fingerprint Reader / Scanner with crystal clear finger scan images and Scratch proof scanner surface.
  • Fingkey Hamster III – next generation Fingerprint Reader / Scanner with new design, new innovation in Dry finger detection & Fake finger detection
  • BioScan10 – Slap Fingerprint Scanner (also called 4+4+2 or 10 finger reader / scanner) for UIDAI Aadhaar, AFIS & Government ID application.
  • eNBioScan D – Large surface Single finger or Two finger scanner for advanced applications that demand high security fingerprint registration and identification.

Downloads – Live Fingerprint Scanner

Supported OS & Development Platforms – Fingkey hamster – Fingerprint Scanners / Fingerprint Readers

  • Windows – Windows XP, Vista & Win7
  • Linux 2.6 or better Kernel with Ubuntu, Fedora, RedHat etc.
  • Microsoft .NET Development environment with BioEnable Fingerprint SDK or eNBSP SDK
  • C/C++ and more Development environment with eNBSP Fingerprint Software Development Kit. For embedded environment check our OEM Modules under product section.



BioDesk is Fingerprint Recognition based software for Registration & Verification of employees, visitors, members etc.It can be used by offices & organizations to verify people at entrance desk to establish their secure identity.In order to use USB fingkey hamster “Biodesk Software” is required.For more information on Biodesk Software please visit Biodesk-software.



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