Iris Recognition Time Attendance & Access control system


BioEnable is offering Iris recognition based Time Attendance & Access control system.

Why Iris Recognition ?

  • Iris recognition technology offer Dual or Single eye capture and automatic identification again large databases in just 1-2 seconds.
  • Iris recognition is considered more secure compared to fingerprint and other biometric technologies.
  • Many people have improper fingerprints that are not suitable for fingerprint recognition systems. Iris is second best alternative to fingerprint.
  • Children fingerprints are difficult to scan and can go thru changes overtime, making it not a suitable biometric identification. Iris is suitable for all ages.
  • Eyes are highly protected part of the body and does not go thru much changes over the complete lifespan and good for long terms biometric recognition
  • Iris recognition technology is worldwide used in National ID, Visa entry exit applications

Iris Time Attendance system & Access control system Features

  • Dual Eye Iris capture camera
  • 10 inch spill proof touchscreen
  • Enhanced graphical user interface
  •  Store upto 10000 users (2 eyes each) and over 500000 logs
  • Advanced access control mechanism with Door sensors, Fire alarm, Multiple Door lock controls
  • Optional Face Recognition & Fingerprint recognition addons




Full Standing Model




Wall Mount Model



  • High security identification
  • Touchscreen multi-lingual interface
  • Large user database


  • Time Attendance recording in offices
  • Access control at office, Banks
  • Canteen management & Food coupon system
  • Visitor management
  • Members management at events




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