Infant identification managment system

Infant footprint scanning & identification

Infant footprint scanning & identification

Infant fingerprints are now well developed for scanning, hence fingerprint recognition technology cannot be effectively used for identifying infants. But with our research we found that Infant footprints are suitable for scanning and can be processed with special algorithms for identification.

Infant footprint records are mandatory in many countries. At present most hospitals apply ink to the foot and take its print on a Paper. This process has several limitations and required well trained staff.

BioEnable offer Infant footprint scanner and software that can make this process simple and easy. Our scanner scan take scan of full foot in seconds, provide image quality feedback and store it in database with additional information like demographic, baby and parents photographs, parents fingerprints and create a biometric birth record.

Compared to other techniques , footprint recognition is very attractive for newborn personal authentication , since it is

  • a non invasive method
  • easy applicability
  • low cost
  • wide acceptance.

Challenges – Newborn footprint identification

  • Use of inadequate materials (ink, paper, cylinder);
  • Untrained personal for footprint acquisition;
  • Baby’s skin covered with an oily substance;
  • Reduced thickness of the newborn epidermis, easily deforming the ridges upon contact and filling the valleys between ridges with ink;
  • Reduced size of the newborns ridges, which are three to five times smaller than on adults.

BioEnable Newborn identification advantages

  • Image acquisition is fast , so reduces time for capturing footprint image.
  • More reliable than other types of newborns footprints identification.
  • If high resolution scanner used to scan ,greater resolution would yield better results.
  • Fast and accurate identification.

Baby footprint identification system

Infant Foot Print Samples :


Infant Foot Identification management system











Baby Foot Print Verification Application :

ENROLLMENT : When a new baby born’s , register that baby in the local database with the basic details and foot prints.
Basic Details :
Enrollment ID :- a unique ID for baby.
Baby Name : – name of the baby.
Father Name : – baby’s father name.
Mother Name :- baby’s mother name
Date of Birth : baby’s DOB.
Place :- baby’s born place details .
Biometric Data : Take two captures of each foot .(Left foot 2 and right foot 2).



Click on “Enroll” button to save the data.

Matching : For Matching two different images of baby footprint taken . We can take this images directly from database or by live scan.

Infant identification

Click on “Match” button , to verify baby footprints.

Below is an eg. Where baby with name “qwe3r” is verified against his/her footprint .
One sample is loaded from database and other is taken using livescan.

Infant identification managment system

Newborn theft


Infant foot print scanning system is often combined with RTLS based tags system from BioEnable. Real Time Location System allow hospitals to continuously monitor the location of the baby inside the hospital and ensure complete protection and safety.


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