India Safe :BioScan10 UID Certified Ten Fingerprint Scanner Get Wide Acceptance

BioScan10 from BioEnable Technologies Pvt Ltd, The UID Certified Ten Fingerprint Scanner for UID Aadhar Project is getting widely accepted across the country with different UID Enrollment Agencies for its high quality and ability to register citizens fast. BioScan10 has been certified by STQC (Certification Body for UID) for Fingerprint Registration for UID Project. As only STQC Certified Products can be used for Fingerprint Enrollments for issuing Aadhar UID Number, STQC follows a very strict procedure for certifying Fingerprint Scanners so that only quality products can be used for a smooth and hassle free enrollment. UID is one of the prestigious projects in India where one Unique Identification Number will be issued to every citizen which can be used as an ID Proof and will be very useful for all the citizens and mainly people below poverty line having no ID Proof. As it require registering all the Ten Fingerprints of the person, Fingerprint Registration is the most important part of the process and requiring quality Fingerprint Scanner for fast and better registration.

BioScan10, manufactured in Italy works on patented technology and has been designed keeping Indian Environment in mind and because of that unlike other Fingerprint Scanners it doesn’t require any extra pressure on hand to register fingerprints and makes Biometric Registration a smooth process for the Enrollment Agencies who otherwise were facing problems in registration with other Fingerprint Scanners.

Manmohan Kumar, VP Marketing, BioEnable said, “With our 10 years of experience in working for Fingerprint Technology, BioScan10 was launched and certified by UID keeping the problems being faced by EA in mind, and today we are very happy to see that we are getting very positive response from different Enrollment Agencies using our Fingerprint Scanner and BioScan10 helping them in registering citizens very fast which will certainly help UID in achieving their target.”


Disclaimer :-
BioScan10 is discontinued and is been replaced by DactyScan84c which is under STQC certification process.

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