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ChipSilicon has come up GSM GPRS Software Utility Ver 1.01, built to use the features of ChipSilicon GSM/GPRS Modem.
The software is designed to use the following features,

  • GSM data call
  • SMS
  • GPRS Dial-Up

ChipSilicon also provides you with OCX controls for development in Visual Basic 6.0 for the above features of the Modem.

Applications |
• All pc-based applications using the serial port to communicate can use the GSM GPRS Software Utility Ver 1.01 to enable data transfer during GSM data calls without any changes in the software.
• SMS based applications.
• GPRS dial-up.
• Typical applications of this software can be transfer of files to remote locations, control and monitoring of Automation systems (like PLC’s) remotely through data calls.
Features |
1.GSM Data Call
  • Call Establishment
  • Transparent Data Transfer Capability
  • The software releases the COM Port allowing your existing software to send data during a call
  • Auto-Answer mode
  • Sending SMS to a single number, multiple numbers or a series of numbers
  • New message and message delivery alerts
  • Reading SMS and storing to a MS Excel file
3.GPRS Dial-up
4.Modem Diagnostics
Platforms Supported |
  • Win 98
  • Win 2000
  • Win NT
  • Win XP
Type Name of document Size on Disk Click to Download
gsm_software.pdf 300 kb Download

ChipSilicon is now offering GSM based hardware and software development services. This include embedded GSM terminals, GSM modems, GSM module integration, GPRS communication integration, GSM based remote monitoring and management systems, GSM applications in Industrial control, GSM security systems and more..
In your company is explore such integration with existing products or development of new products you can contact us at e-mail: sales@chipsilicon.com | subject: GSM products


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