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:: GSM/GPRS Modem ::

Add wireless connectivity to almost anything!

ChipSilicon, a pioneer in Wireless system, explored further to integrate innovative wireless data applications in M2M (Machine-to-Machine) criterion. Along with wide range of multi utility, multi functional applications, GSM/GPRS Modem is yet another profound enhancement in ChipSilicon product range. The modem delivers all the power of instant wireless connectivity to your multiple applications. Because the modem is fully type approved, it can dramatically speed up the time to market with a of SMS feature (Optional TCP/IP for GPRS and Data Call) Housed in a rugged Plastic extrusion casing with good aesthetics and surface finish to withstand toughest field environments. The open interfaces and AT commands can embed and run your applications very efficiently. With its proven technology, the modem can be relied on for enduring and dependable performance.
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 1.  Applications of GSM Modem.
 2.  Technical introduction to GSM modem technology

ChipSilicon has come up GSM GPRS Software Utility Ver 1.01, built to use the features of ChipSilicon GSM/GPRS Modem.

ChipSilicon is now offering GSM based hardware and software development services. This include embedded GSM terminals, GSM modems, GSM module integration, GPRS communication integration, GSM based remote monitoring and management systems, GSM applications in Industrial control, GSM security systems and more..
In your company is explore such integration with existing products or development of new products you can contact us at e-mail: sales@chipsilicon.com | subject: GSM products

We Supply: GSM Modems, Vehicle tracking system, GSM-GPRS applications, Wireless applications, Vehicle monitoring system, GPRS card modem
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