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GPS Integrated is a fresh new Easy to use,  Fast to implement and Simple to understand GPS Based Tracking system, offers new way to manage your Asset. It is Cloud based GPS Tracking Platform used in over 25 countries for Real-Time tracking of People, Cars, Fleet & Assets using GPS trackers & Mobile Apps using Big data analytics. GPS Tracking Platform helps for improvement in safety of Students/Employees/Vehicles.


Diffrent Projects comes under GPS Tracking Software

pune_municipal_corporation1. PMC  : “Pune Municipal Corporation” (PMC) was established on 15 February 1950 and serving the citizens. Pune  Municipal Corporation has vehicle Depot  and these vehicles were assigned the daily task to collect the garbage/waste from all the Localities which comes under PMC and disposes them at the PMC Garbage Collection centers.



majees_tech2. Majeestech : Majees Technical services LLC was formed in 2006 by Mr. Ishrath Habibulla, a professional business developer who has resided in the GCC for over 2 Decades during which he has built an extensive network of associates in particular in Oman.  MajeesTech was facing the problem in tracking their assests. They were not having any vehicle tracking unit to check individual driver monitoring capability.They were not have any report for collecting the data and to measure and record the speed of vehicle through GPS.

abraj_services3. Abraj : Abraj Energy Services (AES), since it was founded in May 2006, has taken major strides and has rapidly grown to become a strong player in the Oil and Gas market. AES specializes in Drilling and Oilfield services as well as Well Engineering Solutions. Within few years of its establishment, AES has achieved a remarkable place in the local market providing solutions and services in a safe environment and up to  customer’s satisfaction.

The objective of using Biometric Fingerprint and GPS Tracking System is to monitor the commute of Abraj’s employees. Track where  abouts of all of their employees. Also need to track current work place location of their employees whether employees are reaching the correct work location or not.
GPS tracking system will track employee’s location during their commute and will help in being proactive to avoid any employee using private vehicles hence preventing road traffic accidents by reducing the risk of an accident.

Work process


GPS tracking software and fleet management in which real time tracking system is provided to the clients  In real time tracking mode you will see your current location on the map, or the last position when your GPS device connection was active. This software provide the solution like park fencing, Immobilization, Driver Identification and History .

Park Fencing : Where after a vehicle is parked it creates an automated surveillance fence.
Immobilization : Spot your vehicle on the map and immobilize remotely.
Driver Identification : Equip your drivers with unique identification devices like ibuttons.
History : You can keep a history of your vehicles

All the work done exists in diffrent phases which includes step wise procedure.
1. Separate user dashboard,carrier device dashboard and sim card dashboard
2. More advanced version of reports for tracking report,activity report,over speed report, harsh acceleration report, harsh breaking report, seat belt violation report, panic alert report,rag report, driver/ vehicle.
3. Alerts count and vehicle stop’s location count will be displayed on today’s dashboard.
4. Full transcation history of last one month and summary of total
5. Advanced features for geo-fencing and alert icons as per the requirement of client
Phase 1: Includes basic reports details like start stop report, Begin End day report, Detail activity report, status report, speed report, alert report, Integration of Panic button and I button.
Phase 2: includes New reports as per requirement of client, Demo units configuration and installations of 5 demo units in Mjaeestech.
Phase 3: includes software functionality testing , Reports and notification testing, Evaluation on meeting complete requirement
Phase 4: includes Modification with beta version based on evaluation, beta version into stable version, maintenance and service support.




1. Dashboard


2.  Begin-End Day Report

begin _end _day report

3. Start -Stop Report 

start-stop report


4. Fleet Analysis Report

 fleet_analysis _report

5. Chart Carriers

 chart _carriers

6. Play Map


7.Reporting / Non- Reporting Listing

 reporting_nonreporting _vehicles

8. Stoppage Violation Report


9. Alert Reports



gps_trackingReduced costs – Optimized routes reduce fuel costs and driver monitoring improves workforce productivity while reducing labor and management costs. Greener vehicles that last longer – Encouraging efficient driving reduces your carbon footprint while helping to extend the life of the vehicle through reduced wear and tear.

Easily Accessible – The GPS Integrated vehicle tracking system is Web-based, making it easy to access from virtually anywhere via any Web enabled device – PC, laptop, iPad and iPhone. Improved customer service -Quicker response to customer requirements by being able to dispatch the nearest vehicle every time.

Fast stolen vehicle recovery – Instant alert when vehicle is stolen coupled with real-time tracking allows recovery quickly, reducing time off the road.

Enhanced report management – GPS Integrated vehicle tracking system comes complete with a powerful and detailed set of standard reports like
Daily activity , Summary, Time summary, Maintenance, Positional emails, Fleet utilization,Idle detail, Speeding, Route efficiency , Stop detail etc.

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