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Cloud based GPS Tracking platform used in over 25 countries for real-time tracking of People, Cars, Fleet & Assets using GPS trackers & Mobile Apps. We are your one stop partner for GPS tracking business.imageedit_1_6507309082

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Key Features

Real TIme Trackingreal time tracking

    • Updates multiple locations in a minutes of time
    • Easy to use
    • Software as a Service (SaaS)


Incident and Event Notificationincident report system

    • Speeding Alert
    • Green Driving Alert
    • Stoppage (Idle) Alert
    • Fencing AlertsTrip Schedule Alert
    • Safety & Security Alerts
    • Periodic Service Alerts

Fuel management fuel mamanement system

    • Fuel level detection
    • Fuel Theft/Fraud
    • Protection
    • Monitoring Fuel
    • Consumption
    • Fuel forecasting


Theft Protectiontheft protections

    • Park Fencing : After a vehicle is parked it creates an automated surveillance fence
    • Immobilization : Spot your vehicle on the map and immobilize remotely
    • Driver Identification : Equip your drivers with unique identification devices like i-buttons
    • History : you can keep a history of your vehicles


Fleet Analyticsfleet analysis

    • Vehicle Utilization : Our utilization charts and reports enable you to assign work to drivers properly
    • Track Fleet Costs : Inspect your vehicles’ utilization data and break down operational costs to reduce unnecessary expenditure
    • Driver Scorecard : Your drivers will need monitoring and motivation, irrespective of the kind of business you run
    • Asset-wise & Consolidated data : Fleet analytics charts and reports

  Trip/Task Managementtreip managment

        • Time based Management
        • Route fence Integration
        • Alerts by SMS/email




Vehicle Service and Maintenance vehicle tracking

    • Schedule Service
    • Service Alerts
    • Service Reports
    • Service History


Digital Dispatch Systemdigital dispatch system

                • Two Way Messaging
                • Real time Navigation & Tracking
                • Scheduled Stoppages
                • Canned (Archived) Messages



Support GPS Devices

Personal GPS Tracker

personal GPS tracker

 1  Inbuilt GPS antennas for GPS reception
 2  Voice calling
 3  Facility to generate a Panic alert in case of emergency

Vehicle GPS Tracker

vehicle gps tracker

 1 External GPS antennas for optimal GPS reception
 3 Facility to generate a Panic alert in case of emergency


Fleet Management GPS Tracker

fleet gps tracker

1 External GPS antennas for optimal GPS reception
 4 Temperature Sensor
 5  Fuel Sensor
 6 Driver identification

Hand-Held Terminal 


handheld gps tracker

1 Inbuilt GPS antennas for optimal GPS reception
 7  Wi-Fi Enabled (Optional)
 8  GPRS Enabled
 9 Fingerprint (Optional)


Tablet PC’s 

tablet gps tracker


1 Inbuilt GPS antennas for optimal GPS reception
 7  Wi-Fi Enabled
8  GPRS Enabled

GPSintegrated –  GPS Tracking Platform


GPS Dashboard

begin End Day report last status report over speed report
 Begin End Day Report Last Status Report   Over Speed Report


 distance travel today email aleart motion hour report
 Distance Travel Today  Email Alert  Motion Hours Report


 route creation sheet booking 2
 Route Creation – User can create route as Per
his requirement on ma
 Seat Booking – User can book the ticket
on selected bus


    • Reduced costs :- Optimized routes reduce fuel costs and driver monitoring improves workforce productivity while reducing labor and management costs
    • Improved customer service  :- Quicker response to customer requirements by being able to dispatch the nearest vehicle every time.
    • Greener vehicles that last longer  :- Encouraging efficient driving reduces your carbon footprint while helping to extend the life of the vehicle through reduced wear and tear.
    • Fast stolen vehicle recovery  :- Instant alert when vehicle is stolen coupled with real-time tracking allows recovery quickly, reducing time off-the-road
    • Easily Accessible  :- The GPS Integrated vehicle tracking system is Web-based, making it easy to access from virtually anywhere via any Web-enabled device – PC, laptop, iPad and iPhone
    • Enhanced report management:- GPS Integrated vehicle tracking system comes complete with a powerful and detailed set of standard reports like Daily activity , Summary , Time summary, Maintenance , Positional emails, Fleet utilization, Idle detail, Speeding, Route efficiency , Stop detail  etc.

How GPS Tracking System Works?

GPS working

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