This is the very simple application developed by BioEnable Technologies, just to check the functionality and feature of DS84C scanner, Its light weight application which can be installed on any system. User can register his 10 fingerprint and can get identified with single (or multiple) finger.

The DS84C is a compact and FBI Application. F Certified 10-Print Livescan in full Compliance with the “10-Print Capture Scanner & Software user group Requirements” Suitable for all applications in need of 4-Slaps and Rolled Acquistion Main Applications are E-ID Document Issuing And Criminal Identification.

Key Features – DS84C Sample Application

1. Registration: Per user it allows to register all ten (or less) finger
2. Identification: Register user can be identified with any of his single (or more) finger
3. Scanner support : DS84C is the same scanner which can be used for both registration as well as Identification (Multiple and single finger)
4. Finger Template in database: It captures fingers and created finger template only is getting stored in database so it require very negligible space  so the database size is also very small
5. Photo Image: It also allows to store all demographic details as well as photo image of user along with biometrics in database and Maintains Logs of all authentications done on the system
6. Logs can be easily utilize or post to any server
7. Web interface for configurations : If required we can customize DS84C application as per requirement

Registration Module – DS84C Sample Application 

Simple wizard base registration for demographic details, photo image, biometrics details
Easy update process of registered user

Verification and Identification Module – DS84C Sample Application

  • The fingerprint engine is able to match up to 1,50,000 fingerprints per second  1,200,000 faces per second or 1,440,000 irises per second on a single PC
  • Application can be configured to run in Background, so that computer can also be used for other purposes (reception computer)

Requirements – DS84C Sample Application

  • OS Requirements (Windows XP/Vista/7 32/64 bit)
  • Computer Requirements: Pentium and Above


Free evaluation of 30 days available

Few Snapshots of Application – DS84C Sample Application

1. Initial process for Registration


2. Registration process Demographically 

Registration Demographics

3.  Registration process by Fingerprint


4. Registration Process by Face 


5. Verification Screen 

Verification Screen

6. Registered Users

Registered Users

7. Authentication Logs View 

Athentication Logs

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