GPSintegrated is a Web & Mobile based GPS Location Tracking System . It allows you to offer GPS Tracking, Emergency Assistance & Fleet management services in your city. It allows your customers to track mobile vehicles, assets, people and even animals.

GPS Integrated provides high quality GPS Tracking Products, GPS Tracking Services to customers and businesses across the world. We offer a variety of tracking systems that are ideal for personal tracking, Child Tracking, Elderly Tracking or business use like Vehicle Tracking , Fleet Management, Truck Tracking.

Features -GPS Fleet management system

    • Real-time tracking: Real-time tracking on the map along with graphical reports which provides detailed vehicle information to improve business operations.
    • Fleet Status Dashboard: Fleet status dashboard is a single view solution to view the overall status of complete view.
    • Alerts & notifications (SMS/Email) : Our system auto sends alerts & messages when anything goes wrong or something happens which is worth bringing to notice
    • Administration : GPSintegrated equipped with robust administrative features to easily manage various features & information.
    • Messaging: With GPSintegrated users can easily reach their employees/drivers through voice call/SMS.
    • History : We regularly record the history of all the vehicle which help to see all the historical activities at a particular vehicle or entire fleet.
    • Browser Based Easy to use application with all latest features

Reports :

    • Fuel usage Report
    • Speed report
    • Distance Report
    • Route Deviation report
    • Driver identification report
    • Vehicle Door Status report

vehicle tracking system

Alerts :Fleet management system

    • Overspeed Alert
    • Geofence IN/Out Alert
    • Route Deviation Alert
    • Panic Alert
    • Low battery alert
    • Exterior battery cutoff alert
    • Fuel Level Alert
    • Temperature Level Alert

What we offer ?

    • We give you a ready to use Private Label (Branding) GPS Tracking Services Portal with Fleet Management Software customized for your city
    • We offer wide range of GPS products that you can select for your customers
    • We offer 24hrs Telephonic, Chat & email support

What you need to do ?

    • Partner with us
    • Make a contract with local GSM Telecom company to buy GSM SIM cards with Data packages (GPRS) at low cost
    • Market & Support your customers

Why Choose Us :

    • Support for over 100 GPS Trackers and Apps
    • Used in over 25 countries
    • Over 20000 GPS tracking devices managed
    • Highly stable & matured solution
    • Dedicated R&D, Support & Service network
    • Custom design & development services available
    • 24×7 Support team help you to configure and test any GPS tracking device

vehicle tracking system

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