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Fingerprint Software development kit is necessary tool for software developers to develop fingerprint recognition based applications. Fingerprint SDK allows your application to directly interact with USB port Fingerprint scanners and execute functions through high level  Application Programming Interface (API) provided by SDK.

Common Functions

  • Initializing device
  • Capturing Fingerprint
  • Extracting minutiae data
  • Enrolling Finger
  • Verifying Finger
  • Identifying Finger
  • Device settings
  • Security levels

Possible Applications

  • PC/Network logon
  • Software logon
  • Smart card integration
  • Member management
  • Employee management
  • Transaction management
  • Civil IDs & Benefit programmes.
  • Data security
  • Web Based Logons
  • Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
  • CPU 300MHz+, 64MB RAM
  • MS VB/VC++
  • USB port

We have three versions of the Development kits:

:: FSIM   :: VB OCX SDK   :: enBSP SDK

Fingerprint Software Integration Module is a software developed using Fingerprint SDKs with MS-Access database integration and complete Registration and Verification interfaces. This software exposes its OCX controls to other VB applications and allow fastest integration of Fingerprint technology in any software. This is available for very low price.


This is feature rich complete SDK in the form of OCX control , very easy to include on your VB forms and design your own Fingerprint image controls and forms. This is useful for VB developers only.


This is costly but feature rich SDK in the form of COM controls and dlls which can be integrated in any VB,  VC++, .NET applications. Support for Borland and Delphi is also available. This is useful for large projects and developers who want full control over fingerprint scanners and data for optimized applications.




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