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BioAccess v2 (new)

Most Power- Packed Fingerprint

Time Attendance Recorder


BioEnable launches BioAccess v2 model of its popular BioAccess Time attendance recorder. BioAccess v2 is powered with advanced features and come with quality & service assurance form BioEnable.

BioAccess v2 offers the fastest fingerprint identification and verification speed in the industry and features intelligent fingerprint recognition technology for the first time. It automatically learn and adapts to the changes in the fingerprints, leading to lowest False rejections in the industry.

BioAccess v2 come with Fast TCP/IP network communication as well as popular USB Flash Disk function to download/upload users and attendance logs. It can be used in offices as well as at factories, construction sites and service industry. BioEnable also plan to launch more advanced versions of BioAccess in near future.

Key Features

Fingerprint Intelligence – BioAccess v2 is most intelligent fingerprint recognition system. It can automatically update the registered fingerprint template based on the changing patterns of the skin and behavior of finger placement. This unique feature ensures that administrator is not required to frequently re-register users and false rejection is minimal.

Fastest Fingerprint Scanning & Matching – BioAccess v2 come with the fastest fingerprint scanning & matching. 50% more people can give attendance within same time leading to time saving and less queuing. It also offer lowest finger rejection compared to competing products.

Rugged & Scratchproof Fingerprint scanner – BioAccess v2 come with rugged and scratchproof fingerprint scanner with long life. Some competing products in the market require you to change the scanner surface every few months.

TCP/IP & USB Disk functions – BioAccess v2 come with TCP/IP LAN Ethernet connectivity as well as USB Disk function allowing you to upload/download logs and users onsite using USB flash disk.

BioEnable Warranty & Service – BioAccess come with 12 months warranty and long term service and support commitment from BioEnable, the most trusted brand in Biometric industry. Our service centers and dealer network are fully equipped to service and support the product onsite and at service centres.

Integrated Human Voice  – BioAccess has integrated voice chip, with easy to understand human voice instructions and rings.

360 Degree Finger placement – The fingerprint technology in BioAccess allow finger placement in any direction leading to low False rejection due to wrong placement.


* Username Display on LCD Feature is not supported at present


  • BAT-S-100 the old BioAccess has been discontinued and replaced by BioAccess v2

  • TimeScan v1000 has been also discontinued and replaced by BioAccess v2

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