Fingkey Access is a compact, stylish & only waterproof fingerprint access control system with time attendance features available in India. Its very popular in offices, buildings for both indoor & outdoor use.

It work along with other products in NAC series like NAC2500 Plus & NAC 5000 which are most popular time attendance and access control system for all types of offices.

Time attendance system


[quote]Are you looking for a compact & stylish access control system for your office with award winning Fingerprint matching technology ?   Fingkey Access can meet all your requirements at a cost effective price and still works with central access management software like other products in NAC series [/quote]



Features  Fingerprint Access control System


  • Compact and stylish design with user friendly interface
  • Waterproof at the level of IP65 for outdoor use
  • Compatible with centralized management & remote Monitoring  software (Access Manager)
  • LFD (Live Finger Detection), Touch Keypad with Backlight




Specificaction Fingerprint Access control System



CPU 32-bit / 200MHz
Memory 8MB Flash
Display 128×32 Graphic LCD (Black & White)
Fingerprint Sensor Type Optical
Fingerprint Sensor Resolution 500 DPI
Authentication Mode Finger, Password, Card (RF/HID/Mifare)
Fingerprint Sensor Authentication 1:1, 1:N, Reduced ID Matching
1:1 Verification Time Less than 1 sec.
1:N Identification Time 1:N Identification Time Less than 2sec.(2,000 templates)
User Capacity 1,000 User with Per User 1 Fingerprint
Log capacity 20,000 logs
Communication TCP/IP, RS232, Wigand(26/34 bits)
Output Relay Deadbolt, EM Lock, Door Strike, Automatic Door
Operation Humidity 10 ~ 90 %
Certification CE, FCC
Size 90(W) x 205(L) x 50(D) mm
Operating Temperature 0-60 degrees C



ModelsFingerprint Access control System


  • Fingkey Access S – Standard Model with Fingerprint & Passwords options
  • Fingkey Access M – Model with Fingerprint, Password & Mifare 13.56Mhz Cards options
  • Fingkey Access EM –  Model with Fingerprint, Password & EM 125Khz Cards options
  • Fingkey Access R – Model with Fingerprint, Password & HID/EM Card 125Khz options




Related Products Fingerprint Access control System


  • NAC2500 plus
  • NAC5000


Applications Fingerprint Access control System




  • Time Attendance -Industry oriented Time Attendance device with Touch Keypad and User Management Software for todays Time attendance needs
  •  Access Control -This is a multi-function system, capable of entry control, user defined gate access.
  • School Buildings – This can be used for school administrative tasks, including entry control and student attendance records.
  • Corporate  Offices/Laboratories, Government Establishments /Commercial premises.




Related Software –  Fingerprint Access control System


  • Access Manager  – Centralized Server software  included with NAC5000 that allow centralized management of users, terminals and fingerprint data
  • Remote manager – Remote monitoring and management of Users and Terminals




DownloadsFingerprint Access control System



  •     Fingkey Access Compact Fingerprint time attendance & access control Brochure & Manuals
  •     Fingkey Access Compact Fingerprint time attendance & access control Downloads
  •     Fingkey Access Compact Fingerprint time attendance & access control Support & Forum




Access Manager Fingerprint Access control System


Access-Manager consists of Access Server, Remote manager, Remote monitor, it is an ideal solution for user administration and monitoring. With the Access Server, Remote Manager, and Remote Monitor, this product created a program that is capable of user management and monitoring. You can connect up to 255 terminals in a network, and verification is possible at the server, by using its own DB. In addition, it comes with remote control features, so that you can register and monitor users even in places other than the room where the server is installed.

Product Name Access Manager
Components Access Server / Remote Manager / Remote monitor
# of accessibleterminals ACM Pro. Max. 2,000 terminals
ACM v2.57x Max. 255 terminals
# of accessibleremote client PCs 8 units
OS Above windows 2000
# of usersenrolled ACM Pro. 100,000 users (SQL Express)
ACM v2.57x 10,000 users (MDB/SQL)



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