Finger Print Attendance Solution and GPS Tracking System For Buses in Oil and Petroleum Industries

The objective of using Biometric Fingerprint Attendance and GPS Tracking System is to monitor the commute of employees at diffrent remote sites locations of oil and petroleum industries. GPS tracking system will track employee’s location during their commute and will help in being proactive to avoid any employee using private vehicles hence preventing road traffic accidents by reducing the risk of an accident and also real-time bus tracking information is received by using GPS Tracking System.

This will enable oil and petroleum industries with the following :

  • Track details of all of their employees working under diffrent shifts/specific bus which are allocated to employees
  • Track current work place location of their employees
  • Track whether employees are reaching the correct work location, Rigs or Sites on time


Oil and petroleum industries has many Remote sites i.e. Rigs for oil fielding connected with central Data centre. They require a Remote Biometric attendance system for the staff buses where the system can track the exact location and time of the employee boarding/alighting the bus. They also required the staff buses to be equipped with GPS sensors so that all the Biometric Attendance data and GPS location data can be tracked on a Single Web based Platform.

They wanted to track the real time location of the buses as well as wanted to check whether the employees are coming to the duties on time or not with reference to the shifts/specific bus trips allocated to them.


BioEnable team has partnered with Barik IT Solutions and provided the best solution to one of the Oil and Petroleum Company in Oman by providing them Fingerprint and GPS Tracking System System for Buses. We have provided them BioEnable’s Handheld device Trans V1 for fingerprint solution and Bio-VT-01 for  GPS Tracking System.abraj-architecture

Following are the Steps which are implemented in this project :

  • Alerts SMS Send to employee when bus is near reaching the hub
  • Employees will board in the bus from their defined route or place
  • Give their attendance on finger print reader in the bus
  • Software will be able to give status of all current and planned trips along with seat availability
  • Changes in booking is also flexible even during journey SMS notification will be sent to multiple people like driver, manager and focal point.
  • SMS notification will be sent after booking made with trip list of required stoppage areas to concern person.
  • HHT save the data within the equipment itself as well as send data over the air.
  • HHT is connected with GPS so it can read the location of the bus while sending report.
  • HHT also add new employees’ finger print to the data base from the remote location on the bus and centralized finger print and data entry from office.
  • Booking also done by upload option through excel format.
  • HHT also read all employees finger prints – even where there is no data connection.
  • Multiple HHT read the same data that will give feasibility for different bus usage at different times.
  • Booking system is centralized and the Bus/Driver is mapped in the system also shown the status that which driver, Bus, what route, time destination and what hubs used.
  • Software have a waiting list feature and cancellation feature.
  • Multiple booking can be done by different units during the trip for the same Bus.
  • Software gives status of all current and planned trips along with seat availability.

Transport driver and transport JM receives email and SMS notification for any booking been made before and during trip listing the required stoppage areas “Hub”.

Work Flow


  • The Scanner accept/reject the employee to enter the bus, based on the booking.
  • Scanner read/respond if there is no connection.
  • Real time database performed – Active Trips, Seat availability, Employees and Bus location.

There will be a starting point of Bus and other will be the Unit Location.

1. Head Office – Coordinator 

  • Manage complete database example routes, hubs/spoke as required.
  • Call transport provider to get the driver and Bus information’s.
  • Configure new employee’s in the system along with their fingers scanners information remotely.

2. Focal point – Site Base

Focal point has the limited authority to change database of the employees such as GSM Number and Unit location by screen entering data or upload option for more employees.

Status of routes will be displayed on the Website.

  • Manifest shall be easily made by clicking on the crew number then all names with respective data base shall be automatically displayed  in screen then it can be removed or add names if required by the unit focal point.
  • Booking can be also done by upload option through excel format.
  • In case of internet unavailability , bookings can be done by other units or Head office.
  • The software shall be able to reject and send notification to head office focal point for any discrepancies of the database after confirmation of booking by unit focal point asking for his approval.

System Benefits


  • Real-time bus tracking information is received by using GPS Tracking System
  • Real-time Employee tracking on and off the bus using GPS location information
  • Employee identification and attendance using finger print technology in the Bus will help in knowing Excat data for particular person.
  • Improving Productivity, Reduce operating costs and increase revenues
  • Real time visibility of vehicle location
  • Employees are avoiding private vehicles  so as to avoid the risk of accidents
  • Alerts are generated so that employee should get to know about their trips which are allocated to them for particular date.
  • Fleet utilization by assiging the proper trips for particular fleet
  • Full reporting whether its an employee whether Any fleet, they will get full report regarding daily Attendance report, bus travel route report, violation report etc.


1. Dashboard 


2. Bookings

bookings3. Route


4. Violation Report


5.Trip Creation


6. Play Map


Product Bio VT-01 

Features :pmc_bio_vt-01_gps_device

  • Water-proof, Tamper-proof and Dust- proof,  IP67 Certified
  • Internal High Gain GSM antenna
  • Internal memory backup up-to 10 days.
  • Easy integration with other sensors.
  • Device sealed with security screws.
  • GPS location accuracy: less than 3 to 5 meters CEP.
  • Real Time tracking
  • Sending acquired data via GPRS (TCP/IP and UDP/IP protocols)
  • Smart algorithm of GPRS connections for GPRS traffic saving.
  • Voltage range suitable for two-wheeler,Trucks and Heavy Vehicles

Specifications :

GSM Specifications :

  • Quad-band 900/1800 MHz; 850/1900 MHz
  • Class 10 GSM/GPRS module.
  • SMS (text/data)
  • 32 channel GPS/GLONASS receiver

Product Trans V1 Mobile Data Terminal

Features :<img class=" size-medium wp-image-8546 alignright" src="×212.png" alt="abraj_trans_v1" width="300" height="212" srcset="×212.png 300w, https://www visit this site right×320.png 450w,×425.png 602w,×127.png 180w, 648w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” />

  • Powerful transceiver to capture weak radio signaling to ensure reliable transaction
  • GPRS, CDMA, WI-FI, PSTN and Ethernet communication modules
  • Ergo-designed built-in PIN Pad with extra dust and water proof
  • High speed thermal printer, up to 25 lines/sec, easy load style, adjustable print gray, supports printing dual layer paper
  • Large capacity rechargeable Lion battery
  • Elegant & slim design, similar to standard credit card machines used in shops
  • Powerful ARM11 processor(400MHz)
  • Linux Operating System allow Multiple applications architecture
  • Application software can be updated online


  • Memory : 128 MB Flash, 64 MB SDRAM
  • Display : 2.8 Inch, 320*240 TFT Lcd
  • Processor : 32 bit secure CPU, ARM 11, 400 Mhz
  • Keypad :10 Alphanumeric keys, 8 functions keys, 1 power Switch key
  • Magnetic Card Reader : Compliant with ISO7811, ISO7812; Track 1/2/3, bi-directional swipe
  • IC Card Reader: 1 user card (EMV4.2), supports SLE4442 / SLE4428 memory card
  • Contactless Card Reader : Supports Mifare classic, Mifare Ultralight, Mifare DESFire, ISO 14443 A & B,SONY FeliCa
  • Communication :  GPRS / CDMA / Wi-Fi/ GPRS & Wi-Fi, supports full SSLv2/3 TLSv1
  • Printer : High speed thermal printer, Easy-load style  Paper width: 58 +0/-1mm, Paper roll outside diameter: 38mm
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