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Fingerprint Access Controller (NAC-3000) is the state of the art biometric system by adopting fingerprint technology, which has very excellent biometric security and user's convineance. Designed and manufactured with the sensor and algorithm devloped by nitegen's superior biometric technology , it has very accurate and speedy fingerprint recognition rate while a user can build very robust security system at inexpensive cost. Also if using server management program of which network configuration and functions have been strengthened, you may advantageously apply it for Access Control System and Time and Attendance Management of enterprise level.

Key Features

  • Suitable for diverse applications through high speed network (LAN)

  • Suitable for Time & Attendance management by supporting functional keys (attendance, going out, return)

  • Strengthening user's setting (ID digits, voice information, sensor option, operation mode etc.)

  • Improving user's convenience by Auto-on, short ID, Group matching function

  • Supports various security type by the combination of authentication methods (fingerprint, password, RF Card )


  • IBS Building

  • Bank and Financial institutes

  • Factory

  • Hotel

  • Laboratories & Computer center

  • Time & Attendance Application

Item Description
Product Fingerprint Access Controller
Fingerprint Sensor Optical Type
Resolution 500 DPI
Network LAN(10Base-T, 10Mbps), DHCP
Authentication Mode 1:1, 1:N, Group, short ID matching
Authentication Facts Finger, Password, RF Card (HID compatible)
User 2000 User per 2 Finger / 4000 User per 1 Finger
Authentication Time T < 1 sec
Authentication Rate FRR: 1/1000 FAR:1/100000
Function Key F1,F2,F3,F4
Output of Power EM Lock, Dead Bolt, Auto-door
Communication Wiegand(26 Bit/34 Bit) Output, RS232
Display 128 * 64 Pixel LCD
Size 201.5(w) * 135(L) * 45(H)
Operating Temp -10C~40C
Power 12V/24V
Certifications CE, FCC, UL
AccessManager (Server Management Program)

The server management program, AccessManager consist of Access Server, Remote manager and Remote monitor, and is a integrated user's administration and monitoring management program. Using Access Manager up to 254 terminals can be connected under one network and and all user can be authenticated using internal DB in server. To increase user's convenience such as user registration and monitoring, it also supports remote management function for manager who is in remote place other than server room.

Model Description
Program Components User management & terminal's remote management
Max Terminals 255
# of remote clients 8
OS 98SE, ME, 2000Professional, XP window , 2000 server
Max user in DB 10000 persons
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