ICAO Facial Image App

Biometric Facial Image Auto capture, Quality Assurance, and Camera Abstraction

This face capture app helps users to capture proper image as per ICAO compliance standards. Manual image capture may ignore various checks such as tilted head, person looking sideways, up or down, mouth open, eyes closed, expressions on face, person not looking in front camera.

Image quality also gets hampered if the image is blurred, pixelated, flash reflection on skin, washed out colors – This app takes into consideration all the checks required for a proper photo with face conformance to ICAO standards without human intervention.


Face Recognition

Biometric Authentication

Fraud Prevention

Features & Functionality

Automate photo capture and improve the operational efficiency of the capture process

Maximize the visual quality of facial biometric images

Improve matching performance by filtering out unqualified images during capture

Perform automatic “rotate, zoom, crop” geometric correction

Notify the operator of non-compliance before and after calibration

Integrate market-leading digital cameras, webcams and industrial cameras

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