eN Search Engine is the add on component of en BSP SDK.

eNSearch SDK(or NSearch SDK) is the 1:N matching DK to enable programmers to
develop a fingerprint identification system with large volume of database in high-speed
matching performance.

eNSearch SDK is composed of two different types of application as follows.

  • When you do not know the ID:

Missing Child Searching System, Criminal Investigation, etc.

  • When you do not input the ID for more convenience:

Access Controller, Membership Management, etc.

The NSearch SDK is designed for these applicable cases to build the 1:N matching
system with high performance and accuracy.




Optimized API

NSearch SDK provides the optimized APIs for fingerprint enrollment and identification
and helps programmers to integrate a fingerprint identification system in short period.

Fast Fingerprint Searching Speed

NSearch Engine uses a new matching algorithm using indexing techniques, not using
serial matching method, and it can search a matched person in a large database as fast
as 10,000 fingerprints per second.

High Accuracy
The NSearch Engine can provide more accurate matching results than any other 1:N
fingerprint matching algorithm, especially in large volume of database.

High Compatibility
The NSearch Engine, programmed by the ANSI C code, can be easily integrated to any
system. The NSearch Engine supports Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista.




The NSearch Engine must be used to enroll and match fingerprint template, by using
the NITGEN&COMPANY’s NBioBSP module. The followings are simple description
about the functions used in the NSearch Engine.

1) Initialization / Termination / Parameter setting

2) Fingerprint Registration / Deletion / Search

3) DB Management for the Memory Resident Fingerprint DB (MRFDB)




1. Insert installation CD into disk drive.
2. Execute Setup.exe file in the root directory of the CD-ROM drive
3. Read all information displayed in the setup screens, and follow the instructions.
4. Click NEXT to continue.


5. Click YES if you agree to the Software License Agreement. If you do not agree,
click NO and the installation will be aborted.

6. Enter your name, company and serial number then click NEXT.

7. Select a destination folder, then click NEXT.

You must register a license file to run NSearch Engine. Please refer to ‘2.5 License
Setup’ from detail instructions to issue and install the NSearch Engine license file.
If you do not install the license file, all functions on NSearch Engine and sample
programs will not work properly. If a license file is not installed, the NSearch engine
supports 1,000 fingerprint data for test purpose only.

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