e-Shakti Project – Bihar NREGA


e-Shakti project in Bihar through its biometric attendance and wage disbursement at worksite has empowered the NREGA workers.


Objective – eShakti Project

To resolve the challenges, project e- Shakti was conceived by the state chief minister. The goal of the project was to ensure correct and timely wage payment to right beneficiary


For MNREGA workers, the cards have become their identity proof providing them access to bank accounts that earlier was unimaginable. The account can be used like any bank account with the account holder withdrawing or depositing money anytime he wants.
Earlier workers had no means to save money even if they wanted to. The project has ensured timely payment of wages. The e-Shakti project makes the physical presence at the bank unnecessary.

The project has also ushered in transparency and accountability. Corruption at the lower level has been one of other major obstacles in the effective implementation of this unprecedented employment guarantee scheme. Under e-shakti, diversion of funds becomes almost impossible. With biometrics-aided attendance, only a worker can withdraw money –nobody on his behalf can do so.


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