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Biometrics ChipSilicon M2M Wirelessintegrated GPSintegrated Aerotag



Door watch is a state of the art finger print identification door lock and offers the extreme security and user convenience by adopting superior biometric technology instead of password , card, key method that is vulnerable to fraud and is hard to remember.


  • Ultra Power saving system (Patent)
  • Convenient structure within the body (Patent)
  • Eliminate or add users
  • Put to use a recharge battery for the convenient installation
  • Automatic locking function
  • Alarm System for forced door
  • The use of multiple wireless RF Remote Controls is possible
  • Up to 10 remote controls can be used for larger areas

  • Apartment Complexes

  • Office building

  • IBS building

  • Bank & Financial Institution

  • Public sector

  • Laboratories

  • etc.

Fingerprint Sensor



Dimension Outside 40(D) x 80(W) x 290(H)
1.6″(D) x 3.1″(W) X 11.4″(D)
Zind Die casting)
Inside 35(D) x 80(W) x 290(H)
1.4″(D) x 3.1″(W) X 11.4″(D)
ABS Plastic
Door handle AI Die Casting
Remote Control  Rf Wireless Option
No. of users 100 Users
Power Supply 1.5V 8 pcs x AA size alkaline Body
Battery life 18 months if the system is used an average of 15 times daily S301 model
Door thickness Regular 35mm ~55mm(1.4″~ 2.2″)
Operating temperature

-20 deg C to 50 deg C (-4F to 122F)

Automatic locking sensor

1 Magnetic Sensor each


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We Supply: EM Locks, Electro magnetic locks, Access Control devices, Electronic Locks, Security Systems, Low cost, Deadbolts, Padlocks, fingerprintscanner, fingerprint software development kit, fingerprint sdk
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