Manufacturer Processor and Generation

Manufacturer Processor and Generation Status
Dell i3-4005U (Dell Inspiron 15 3000) Not Supported
Dell i3-4030U Not Supported
Dell i7-4500U (Dell Inspiron 15R 5537) Not Supported
Lenovo i3-4030U Not Supported
Asus i3-5010U Supported
Dell i5-5200U Supported
Dell i5-5250U Supported
Lenovo i5-5200U Supported
Lenovo i7-5500U Supported
intel atom CPU Z3735F Supported

Processor and its Generation

3rd Gen 4th Gen 5th Gen
intel i3 NT Not Supported Supported
intel i5 Supported NT Supported
intel i7 NT Not Supported Supported

*NT – Not Tested

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