Contract Labor Management System and Canteen Management Software for Labours

Endurance  was established in 1985 as Anurang Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd. to manufacture Aluminium Die Casting products at Aurangabad, Maharashtra (India). The Endurance Group is a global force in Aluminium Casting (including Alloy Wheels), Suspension, Transmission and Braking products with annual sale revenue of US$ 564 Million (INR. 2,483 Crore) from domestic operations and approx. US$ 165 Million (INR. 727 Crore) from overseas operations for the year 2010-2011. Endurance Group has 19 Plants across India, Italy & Germany.


Endurance has manufacturing plants in Chakan (Pune), Maharashtra where earlier there was no restriction on number of labors entering the plant premises. Labors in any number could enter plant premises even if some of them were blacklisted or removed. There was no quota defined for the
employed labors. Also, there was no such system available to calculate the in/out time for labors and so there was no record maintained for total working hours which often led to the irregularities in the timely compensation to the employed labors. Moreover, there was no available system to create detailed reports on labor activities inside plant premises.
Overall, the main requirement was to restrict labors/contractors that are blacklisted/invalid at the front gate and allow only labors/contractors to enter in the plant who are not in the status as above.
Inside the plant, there should be work allocation/attendance approval process by the respective departmental head/supervisor at each department and also the interdepartmental allocation of labors as needed and approval process for the same and related report generation.


After extensive study and analysis, the IT/technical Department of BioEnable came out with a solution that a web based biometric contractor labor management system would be the best solution to the current problem faced by Endurance.
The Online Contract Labor Management System developed by BioEnable is based on Biometric Fingerprint Technology where all the labor will be registered with their Fingerprint and other details which can be used for verification as well and only the authorized labors will enter the premise based on the quota defined and approved by the companies Higher Authorities through the system itself. This will help them in a big way to manage the data of all the labors to avoid any fraud, get the proper manpower as required and manage them efficiently through the system and eliminate the improper billing by contractors completely as payment will be done against system generated bill based on the number of labors supplied by a particular contractors and system calculated man-hour work done by a particular labor.
As in the case of Endurance, we provide the solution as depicted below with screenshots –

Completing Web interfaces for all the required Master Tables
1. Web Based Application GUI, allowing Admin / Authorized person to log in to system and add/update the records in master tables.
2. Help Documentation to allow users to use the system.
In this module we created the main interface of the application where we could perform required activities like labor registration, contractor registration, quota definition, shift allocation, attendance approval, reports generation (regarding labors attendance/wages as per skill set, department) on daily/monthly basis.
Namely :
1. Users
2. Plants
3. Shifts
4. Contractor
5. Lab ours
6. Skill Categories
7. Quota
8. Contract

Image captures process
1. Help Documentation on Image captures/uploading process.
2. Web Based Application GUI, allowing authorized person to log in to system and capture the image while doing the registration.
In this module covered image capturing process of labors/contractor at the time of registration.
We fixed the web cam on the system where the user registration process was carried and captured the image of labors/contractor while completing registration process.
With the help of upload script, the captured image was uploaded in the application with respective labor/contractor.

Admin Settings & Device Restriction Procedures
1. Work flow effect.
2. Web Based Application GUI, allowing Admin/Authorized person to log in to system and
approve the Quota.
3. Help Documentation on Device restriction procedure and approval setting.
This included procedures to add a quota, and process for its approval on a plant.
 Approval Matrix
 Approval Strategy
 Plant wise Restriction

In this module HR/Department head/supervisor defined quota by plant, department, skill set wise and the defined quota was sent for approval to the authorized person.
Whenever any change took place in the the quota definition, it was sent for approval process as per the approval strategy set and the quota status remained inactive until the last approval.
Also in this module we could manage restriction procedure for labors every time the quota limit got exceeded.

Blacklisting Process
1. Work flow effect.
2. Web Based Application GUI, allowing Admin/Department head to log in to system and
blacklist the contractor /labor.
3. Help documentation on blacklisting process

In this module we covered blacklisted/invalid labors/contractor restriction process.
The labors/contractor those who were blacklisted are restricted at front gate of the plant.
HR/Departmental head could change the status of the blacklisted labors/ contractor at any point as needed.
Plant HR head is authorized to blacklist labors/ contractors. Only authorized Corporate HR Head could change the status of blacklisted contractors.
At the time of labor registration, termination date was given to everyone from the date of registration and whenever any labor crossed the Termination date, it showed as an Invalid status and the respective labor was stopped at the gate, further the authorized person only could change the status to valid as needed.
The labors that are invalid are restricted at front gate of the plant.

Attendance Approval Process
1. Web Based Application GUI, allowing Admin/HR/Department head to log in to system and
approve attendance of labors.
2. Help Documentation on Attendance Approval Process.

In this module we covered attendance approval process and interdepartmental allocation
Whenever labors came inside the plant and we divided them in respective departments as per the quota defined, with attendance approval process for labors at each department by the concerned departmental head (Department head is then able to see the labors list under the same).
Department head could now disapprove the attendance. Only approved labors are listed in the available reports.
In case if there was no need for the inter-departmental allocation of labors, respective department head then could discuss the same with HR. And then HR could do the allocation of labors (As HR would be the authorized person to view entire labors list in the plant) as needed.

Types of reports to be made available with CLMS :
1. Attendance Timecard Reports Daily/Monthly
2. Present Report Daily/Monthly
3. Absent Report Daily/Monthly
4. Wages Report without OT Monthly
5. Wages Report with OT Monthly
6. Plant Wise Daily Report
7. Department Wise Daily Report
In this module, we covered reports on daily/monthly basis as mentioned above.
The daily attendance approval process for labors is carried out by the department head/authorized person on the basis of their in time/out time. And only approved labors are listed in the available reports as highlighted above.
The OT for labors is calculated on the basis of the shift assigned to them and their IN/ OUT punches. Also the wages report is created on the basis of labors skill set, work done by them per day.


The online biometric contractor labor management system for Endurance has been successfully implemented. The issues related to labor and contractor attendance has been fully solved.
Real-time reports in large numbers are available at anytime. BioEnable provided complete turnkey solutions for the client requirement and the system now is running successfully well at client’s end.

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